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7000km and pumpkin scones. Day 150, 52.5km  (3/23/2009)

Our destination today was a place called Ayr, some 50 plus k’s away, so we hit the Bruce Highway early this morning, running in what promised to be yet another hot, sticky day ahead. By the mood of things, D who had people to meet this afternoon was in a quick pace running space, so I knew that in the today’s heat I wouldn’t be able to keep up her pace so I’d be off the road early today. However I did manage to clock up a few k’s and as I looked around at the scenery all I could see was sugar cane as far as a dog can see. You humans sure do eat a lot of sugar!  As I was thinking about the human dentist bill, we crossed Waistcoat Creek which made me change my thoughts to how good I look in my pretty pink coat with matching pink shoes. Yes, I do know I am a bit of a star when you think about it and for 7 years I’m not looking too bad either.  I have all my own teeth, I don’t dye my hair as Mother Nature has giving me a beautiful shiny coat and there is definitely no plastic surgery for this dog. Our breakfast stop was a bit of a celebration moment as we crossed the 7000 kilometre mark which is another milestone or should I say kilometrestone in our journey around oz. I retired after breakfast and D continued to run onto Home Hill, a small community about 10 kilometres from Ayr. When she was leaving Home Hill she had to cross the Burdekin River via the bridge, as she was running onto the bridge she realized the whole bridge was covered in huge sticky spider webs with big spiders on them. These webs were strung on both sides of the railing and sometimes across the footpath area. Now my D is a very tough and brave girl but she hates spiders with a passion so running alongside and through thousands of webs and spiders was a horrible experience for her. When D got to the other side of the bridge where we were waiting she looked very puffed, she told me that she sprinted across the bridge as if she was doing a 200 metre dash and kept saying to herself “They can’t hurt me, they can’t hurt me” over and over again like a mantra! Talk about feeling the fear and do it anyway. D finally made it into Ayr where I greeted her once again along with some other runners, members from the local youth council group and the mayor. They all then ran, except the mayor, with D and me to the council chambers where the mayor had put on a morning tea in my honour. After spending time with the paparazzi I got to have some wonderful pumpkin scones with milk and was happily eating away when they ask for a speech, as I had a month full of food I quickly indicated to D that she should do the talking, which she handled with her usual flair. After our afternoon tea we ran back to the caravan park and now I am a very dog tired so it’s off to bed.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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