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Bowenwood! Day 148, 56.4km  (3/21/2009)

D’s turned all “Arty” on me! This morning as we were running along towards breakfast D stopped by some silly sculptures of goats on top of posts that formed the entrance to a farm and she made me do a photo shot in from of them. Talk about making a goat of myself. What will this do to my modelling/acting career? We ran on further and I noticed some brown falcons sitting and then they would fly off as cars approach and then resume their road sitting once the cars had passed. I put on my stealth action so I could get closer to see what they were up to before they take off again. They were eating drive thru, well sort of, they were picking at the dead insects etc that had been killed or injured by the traffic on the road, talk about instant take away, I think I prefer my dinner from a clean bowl then the road! About 5kms from Bowen we passed the big mango and sure enough my mate Cheepa, who is obsessed by “big” things, was there and we had a chat and a photo taken. It was great to see Cheepa as it is always nice to hear the accent of a fellow Tasmanian. After Cheepa’s visit we run towards Bowen and as we were reaching the town I looked up and on the water tower at the top of town was the sign BOWENWOOD, I asked myself had I come to the Australia equivalent of HOLLYWOOD? I know that the film Australia was made in Bowen and my fellow stars Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman were here during the filming. I haven’t seen the movie yet, as I have been a bit busy on the road but I wonder if my famous friend Cheapa is in it. We run onto the Bowen IGA where we were greeted by the CEO of Bowen, who was representing the Mayor as he was too busy to meet me because he had left town to see a football match, typical boys more interested in their team sports then a girl star like me.  I bet Hugh and Nicole wouldn’t have had this kind of treatment! We ran out of Bowenwood to find a good sized mown grass area to set up camp for the night.

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Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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