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A stranger in the camp. Day 146, 53.3km  (3/19/2009)

We left Proserpine running towards Airlie Beach and Shute Harbour, Shute Harbour isn’t on our schedule but D wants to work off more of our lost kms total, so it’s high k’s today. We were not long on the road when I spotted a white animal, he was a little bigger than I was and had horns on his head; D said “Look Maggie there’s a goat”. I thought that doesn’t look like me? I do know that I am a dog but I have from time to time been called a silly goat, I just couldn’t see the resemblance, doesn’t matter there are more important things to worry about. As we were running along towards breakfast D spotted a yellow sign next to a river, the sign read, “Attention Crocodiles! Beware they may cause bodily harm or even death” I thought that’s comforting to know, and decided to get into the security of the car until we were a fair distance from this river! As we were driving off towards our breakfast spot I looked back to see if my D was okay on the road and I saw another dog run up to D, he was a little bit like me but way to friendly for my liking. Nothing I could do about it now as I was driving away! We pulled up for breakfast and waited for D to arrive and to my surprise there alongside her was the dog. How dare him! There he was bounding along beside my D as if they were old friends. I needed a plan, a distraction for this blackguard, I thought D’s dad would know what to do, so I wandered over to him and gave him a friendly knee sniff and told him about my situation. He scratched his head and pushed his glasses back on his nose and knowingly said “Leave it to me”. After breakfast the crew were very friendly to the dog, I thought “Traitors” as D and I ran off down the road, as we ran around the corner all disappeared from sight. About 10 minutes later the crew showed up and guess what, no dog and back came my grin of satisfaction I was number 1 dog again! We ran on out to Shute Harbour and then turned around to head back the way we came,  on the way back it was a little warm so I got to have a lovely dip in the gutter, no crocs here. We finally arrived at the caravan park in Cannonvale, lots of mozzies here so I have my paw ready to give then a swipe. Next door was a pizza shop so it’s pizza for dinner! Have a very happy tummy and now I’m off to snooze land.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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