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Lost cap and lost heart. Day 145, 49km  (3/18/2009)

D and I headed for Midge Point this morning. It was a narrow country road so D had to listen for cars as there wasn’t enough room on the road for both of us and a car. D seems to be very polite to cars, getting out of their way whenever she can.  I don’t mind the cars, it’s those trucks that get me they come towards you with such aggression but I’ve learnt to call their bluff, and bark at them they pretty soon get the message and take off down the highway. We stopped for breakfast at a bus stop in Midge point, not really proper protocol to park at a bus stop but sometimes it’s near impossible to find parking spots for two pink 4WD’s and caravans each about 14 metres in length and since it was very early we thought we would be okay. However before long there was lots of chatter going on all around us so we stepped outside to see what was happening and it was the school kids getting ready to catch the bus. I went over and said hello and they though my pink Regent caravan home was pretty cool. On the way out of Midge Point D was interview by the radio station from Ayr and she mentioned me so I’m a happy camper. We stopped at the Midge Point IGA to buy some milk for morning tea and get a signature for D’s witness book and the owner of the IGA was very friendly and gave us a generous donation. A lady that worked there was a breast cancer survivor so she and D did the usually talk of how long since etc. I have notice on this journey that most BC survivors have a common bond and always communicate and share stories with each other. After chatting for a while we had to get moving so we run on for about 15 kilometres before we joined the Bruce Highway again. The little extra Midge Point loop added about 18 kilometres to our lost K’s so we were both smiling as we started running up the highway. Our smiles didn’t last long as it started to rain, I mean pour with rain, it just rained and rained and rained! After getting soak to the bone in about 5 minutes I took an early queue and headed for the dry comfort of the car but paw D had to run on and we all know how much D hates running in the rain. After a few hours of running in the nonstop rain D’s mood started to slip, I think feeling wet and miserable made her start focusing on the bad mostly the situation with the dishonest person who had stolen the buckets and she started to loss heart. Her mood didn’t improve much when she crossing a waterway and a huge truck flew past and tragedy struck, D’s cap blew off her head and into the torrid water. This cap was D’s scared cap the one she had worn since day 1 of our journey, she was so upset she was about to jump into the water and rescue the cap, I held her back by her shorts with my teeth and explained that we are in croc country and it wouldn’t be a great idea to go jumping into foreign unknown water! As I’m not a fetch kind of dog, I felt a little useless unlike my usual self; I was out of my depth. After losing her cap coupled with the endless down pours D’s mood wasn’t the best when we reached Proserpine so I quickly got her to the caravan park to dry off, have a good fed and then bed. Let’s hoping it stops raining tomorrow.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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