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Pub with no beer and a Mackay warning. Day 143, 42.4km  (3/16/2009)

This morning we had to get from the caravan park back to the Bruce Highway so we could continue our journey north this involved a suburban crawl through the streets of Mackay. The crawl was made much easier today as I have a new extender lead, which is kind of fun as I was able to tow D along at my pace not hers. I sometimes wish she’d get some rollerblades as we’d get this journey done a lot quicker than, but it’s called Run around Australia not glide around Australia, maybe next time. It’s a bit of a hot one today which makes me miss home and the nice cool Tassie weather as wearing a fur coat in Queensland isn’t  much fun, it makes me pant too much and when I put my pink coat on the Running Pink crew tease me and call me the pink panter. As we were running along today we came to the Kuttabul Hotel and there it was the Aussie legend, it was a pub with no beer! In fact as I looked around there wasn’t much of anything here! We had a quick chat to the people at the bar they were quite friendly and very interested in our run and they signed our witness book. It’s extremely important to D to get as many witnesses as possible in her book as this book gets submitted with all the other records as part of the proof that she achieved the run.  We didn’t stay for long in the pub with no beer as the sun was low in the sky and we still had k’s to do before we finished for the day. We pulled up for the night at the Jolimont Caravan Park and the owners remembered D when she walked around Australia so it was like meeting old friends again! I have had a busy day, have had my dinner and D and I watched me on the news tonight so now it’s time to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G
PS Unfortunately I have to announce a warning to the community of Mackay about a potential fraud regarding run around Australia donation buckets. A person in the Mackay area has not returned 10 donation buckets, D meet this person back in Launceston and she seemed a honest person however with continues ignored phone calls, emails and text messages D eventually made text contact and this person has made up conflicting stories and excuse why they have not returned the buckets and has cut off communication.  Deborah is very distress about this situation as she fears the worst, that this individual is fundraising and not passing the money on to D or the NBCF. The ONLY official fundraising bucket in Mackay is at the Mackay Harbour caravan park, if any member of the community see buckets in any other place or has had buckets in their business in Mackay please contact either Deborah or the Mackay police. This person could also be in the Sunshine coast area as well, the only place collecting money in this area is Coolum Beach Professional Real Estate again if you know of any buckets in other places contact D or the police. D is very sorry about this and is very upset about the situation. 

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