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3 year Anniversary. Day 142, 42.4km  (3/15/2009)

Heading off this morning D had the biggest smile on her face and curiosity got the better of me so I asked her why, she replied “Don’t you know what day it is today?” I wanted to reply “It’s Sunday” but knew that being a bit of a smart dog this early in the morning would affect my breakfast selection later. I had to rack my brain for a few minutes but then I remembered that today was a very special day, as it is D’s 3rd year anniversary since being diagnosed with the BC.  I remember that day 3 years ago and how much of a shock it was to me that my D was 1 of the 13800 women who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. I am so grateful that we are together on this day, on this journey, that she started too planned the day of her first treatment, at the time D said to me you can either get busy dying or get busy living. D and I are very busy living and giving which is our mantra in life.  As we shared this special time together, running along, quietly celebrating life and all that it means, I spoke a silent pray to the doggie gods that I have many more anniversary dates with my D.  As it is D’s special day she got pancakes for breakfast, after which D set a cracker of a pace as she had to be in Mackay by 12.30pm so I decided to give her running space and hopped into the comfort of my air conditioned car. We arrived in Mackay, in time and were greeted by the Mayor with a few of the local citizens as well as Mike and Sue from Sarina. D was busy chatting away to everyone when the television crew turned up for an interview; you know how much I love being on television knowing the whole world is watching little me. I tried to steal the limelight from D by getting as close to the camera as possible but I got a little too close and my wet nose smeared the lens so they had to stop filming so they could clean it up. After that D keep me close and my nose away from the camera as we finish our interview. After our official duties and media appearance Sue and Mike took us for a celebration lunch, it was really nice to spend some time doing the cafe culture thing. The Running Pink team are all so busy fundraising, running and making our appointments that we haven’t had time to sit in a cafe and chat with great company, since Launceston, it was a pleasant change from the route of our lives. Thank you Sue and Mike for you company and for being there to help celebrate D’s special day.  The only problem was that after lunch we had to make our way to the caravan park and as usual D had to run there some 5 kilometres away from town, it was a bit of a struggle as D had had one too many ice coffees over lunch so it was more of a waddled than a run. After arriving at the Mackay Harbour Caravan Park I was welcomed with a smile and a pat but D quickly got me redressed in my pink coat as we had an early evening appointment to speak at the local Mackay Road Runners Club. The runners were doing a 5 kilometre run that evening, D and I decided that we had run enough for the day so we didn’t join in on the run but we got to draw the raffle after the event and the club donated their run entry fee to our cause.  When we got back to camp it was dark, D’s mum had made a special roast dinner, I do think D has been very spoiled with all that yummy food today, and the Running Pink Team finally opened and drank the champagne that the wonderful Hogno family had given D back in Forster. After all the events of the day I am pooped and am now ready to do some lid lowering.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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