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Lead legs and meat galore. Day 141, 42.4km  (3/14/2009)

I started my day with a big bowl of meaty muesli then we hit the road towards Sarina, as D did a reasonably big day yesterday she had lead legs today. On days like this D just plods on, maybe I should have share my muesli with her, which would put a spring in her step. As today wasn’t schedule to be a big kilometres day and our appointment in Sarina weren’t until later in the afternoon we decided to take our time and enjoy the scenery for a change. We are still in cane country but now we have the Great Dividing Range bordering our path on the left and the contours of the range are ever changing.  At morning tea time we ran into a small town called Koumala which had a lovely double storey wooden pub, a post office and a general store all Victorian in origin. We visited the general store and found a freezer full of ice-cream; D was in a generous mood and brought me one for a treat because I had had an early breakfast I needed the extra calories to keep me going. I don’t really need the excuse of running to eat ice-cream; I just love the cold, vanilla, milky taste especially in this hot and humid weather. At lunch time we pulled off the road near some cane fields, not knowing that the rain had turned the ground to mud. Our camp kitchen (my pink home) nearly got bogged; we had to put the truck into 4WD to get out. The trucks just like me with my 4PD (4 pawed drive); they always stop me getting bogged down in the unnecessaries. After our car incident we run on to the outskirts of Sarina where we saw a big yellow bellied brown snake on the side of the road. D called me back to be by her side so I could protect her and then she stamped her feet and clapped her hands to scare the snake back into the grass and off the road as she have hated to see it get run over by a car. That’s my D always looking after someone or something else. After making sure the snake was okay we ran onto the Sarina IGA, our arrival station for the day. On arrival we discovered that Mike and Sue had been fundraising and D had to draw the raffle where the winners got a meat tray. I was thinking how do these people get meat trays and some one important like me doesn’t, that’s not fair. Someone must have known I was disappointed because the very next moment our came a great big bone tied up with a pink ribbon.  That’s more like the treatment I deserve. But my story gets better as Mike came out and gave D a meat tray. I’ll be getting the sooky browns into action tonight so I might score a few tasty morsels. D and I were very grateful to Mike, Sue and the staff at the IGA for their generosity and fundraising efforts. Thanks you all, its community efforts like yours that make the tough moments easier. After our visit to the IGA, D and I ran back into town to the Sarina Palms Caravan Park where we are staying for the night. I couldn’t believe my luck, when we arrived there was a BBQ in my honour. What a spoiled dog I have been today with all that yummy meat, bone and now sausage for dinner. I will sleep well tonight as my belly is now full of meat.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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