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Pink bread and bats. Day 137, 54.1km  (3/10/2009)

We woke to a clear sky this morning, a good sign following the last couple of days with all the cyclone drama and took to the road running towards Marlborough. When we stopped for breakfast this morning you’ll never guess what we got pink toast! That’s what the mystery package was last night and D wanted to surprise me with pink toast and milk as a treat for breaky. As I eat a tad faster than D I decided to lie down and wait for her to finish little did I realize that it was a newly tarred area and when I got up I had stones stuck to my coat, being tarred and feathered is one thing but being tarred and stoned just isn’t on. Fortunately D cottoned onto the problem and cleaned me up so we could keep running. As we were running along a lady pulled up and gave D a little angel she had made for her and wished us both well, what a kind soul she was. We picked up the pace as D need to get to Marlborough for her appointment and we were doing well with time until about 5kms out when we came across a BP roadhouse and a fellow survivor, Colleen wanted a photograph, of course D said yes, she always has time for other breast cancer survivors but the minutes were ticking away so after a quick shot D upped the pace even more. I was so glad to see the turn off to Marlborough as the cracking pace D had set was starting to tire me out. We ran on to the Post Office and met John and his wife, Jean where I discovered the source of the pink bread and there was pink cake as well, John and Jean had been selling these pink items to raise funds for our cause. What a fantastic effort.  As I was too tired to run any further I hopped into the car and D run back out of Marlborough to the caravan park on the Bruce Hwy. We arrived at the park in time to see a colony of fruit bats take flight for the night, what a sight the sky was black with bats. D and her family were asked to dinner by the park managers and on their return I got an unexpected feast of t-bone bones and rissoles, Yum! Now I’m all tucked up in bed with a full belly and am off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of nod.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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