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Cyclone heading south, us heading north. Day 136, 45.7km  (3/9/2009)

I got D out of bed this morning as she was a bit tired having spent the night getting up every 4 hours whilst we were all sleeping to read the cyclone updates on the internet to see that we were all safe during our time on alert. Luckily by 4am the cyclone had moved further south and we had the all clear to continue our journey north, so we hit the Bruce Hwy with a vengeance as we had kilometres to do and wanted to get on with the job. I will say that I was very happy to have the cyclone behind us instead of on top of us; this cyclone business is a little scary for this Tassie dog. After about 7 kilometres of running we stopped for breakfast and I just knew there was some left over homemade pizza from last night, now, my D is a sucker when it comes to me, I just give her that brown eyed sooky look and I get what I want. I’ve practiced that look in the mirror so I have it down pat, so guess what I had for breakfast? Pizza! After pizza, I mean breakfast we run on to lunch at Yaamba, when we pulled in this big old Bassett hound wandered over for an enquiring sniff. He wasn’t really my type, his jowls and stomach hung low and he looked like he’d been selling sugar cane to the cane toads for a long time, luckily there was a kookaburra there, to explain he was a harmless chat and  we all managed to have a bit of a laugh about it. The rest of the day was solid running until we pulled over for the night at a site of an old gold field; there is a nice asphalt area here for my pink Regent home and lots of grass for me to clean my nose in. Whilst the team of Running Team and I were settling in for the night, a nice man, John from Marlborough turned up for a chat and handed something over to D, I tried to enquired what it was and D told me to keep my shiny black nose out of it. I wonder what it was?

Going to bed dying of curiosity
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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