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Beach fun and a cyclone approaches Day 134, 60.3km  (3/7/2009)

This morning D and I set off at a brisk walking pace, D tends to walk the first few kilometres as her sore leg needs warming up to get the stiffness out of it before she can start running. As D warmed up we started to trot at a slow pace and I notice some beautiful brightly coloured yellow flowers on the side of the road and feeding off these flowers were the brightest multi coloured birds I had ever seen. What a colour sensation for my eyes, sometimes I think the world is a little too black and white about things so this sight was a welcome change. After our breakfast, yummy pancakes, we picked up our pace as we ran towards Emu Park, along the track a man on a bike pulled up beside us and wanted to know what we were doing, so D filled him, he was very sympathetic to our cause as he had lost his mum to breast cancer recently. We both felt for his and his family’s lost, these types of encounters make my D more determine to get around the country and raise the target $300,000 for the NBCF, we just need to stop this disease and stop family’s losing loved ones. When we reached Emu Park, D thought it was time for a little spoil I started to sing. “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream”, I think D wanted an ice coffee but I won in the end and we got ice cream. Yippy! We ran onto Mulambin Beach where D took me onto the beach for a bit of a swim and a run in the sand which was so soft and comfortable to run on after the hard road and it was great fun to chase wave instead of cars for a change. When we arrived back at the car we heard the news about a cyclone that is approaching our area. Oh my, I hope this doesn’t mean that it could be raining cats and dogs! We thought best to get to camp ASAP and find out more information about the cyclone so we would know what to do. When we got to Yeppoon it was quite dark and I was already yawning so I wasn’t much interested in cyclone information I just found my spot and put my paws over my eyes and wished the world farewell for the night. I am sure if the cyclone hits D will wake me.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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