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All levels of government and a fantastic community welcome. Day 130, 58.8km  (3/3/2009)

Another early pre dawn start this morning as we needed to be in Gladstone by 5pm for a fundraising event, so D was all business again as we headed out towards our breakfast stop where I had my VIP meaty muesli and milk, yum! After breakfast D’s mum and dad went back to see if they could find D’s lost glasses, we all crossed our fingers, well I crossed paws and D and I carried on up the road. After about 2 hours D’s parents returned with great news, they found D’s glasses and they weren’t broken just lying there on the edge of the road about 3kms from yesterday’s morning start, a small miracle for the day! As we turned off the Bruce Hwy onto the road to Gladstone we estimate that we just had enough time left to run the 19 kms to Gladstone before we needed to meet people, however in the mean time a magazine called and wanted some photos of me running on the road. Oh dear! With very little time to get glamorous in my pink coat and my new pink collar we had a photo shot on the side of the road. You know how much I love the camera but sometimes it’s a little trying having to get dress little warning and then a few clicks later it is all over and you have to undo the whole ensemble. I guess a stars job is never done. After the quick photos I was having a shake down when another fan pulled up in their car. Oh! It never stops. It turned out to be Chris Trevor, the Federal member for Flynn, even politicians love me.   He gave me a generous donation for our cause and was very supportive as he was after all a kindred road spirit because in his past he had walked various long distances in this area to raise money for different charities. The time taken out with the photo shoot and talking to Chris put us behind in our running schedule so D had to move fast to get to our appointment on time, as we came into Gladstone we were greeted by the Gladstone Road Runners and some of the Professional Real Estate team. The Gladstone Road Runners ran with D and me to the Professional office where we were greeted by the deputy mayor, (more pollies) Gladstone Breast Buddies, members of the community and my favourite thing, a sausage sizzle!! Things just couldn’t get any better than that, a very warm community welcome and food, however I was a little hot after my run and during the speeches I notice a gutter full of water just by the deputy mayor’s feet, I just couldn’t resist the temptation, so I crept very slowly over hoping that no one would notice as I lay in the muddy cool puddle, Ah that felt better! But unfortunately my antics didn’t go unnoticed and I was disturbed to the right of me and I didn’t notice the deputy mayor was on the left of me so in my attempt to shake off the situation I happen to spray mud on her. Opps! I guess I just lost a fan. Oh well nothing like a little gutter politics to spice up ones day. I decided from then on it was best to stay close to D’s side and after a sausage or 3 and a few more photos D and I accompanied by Brett from the running club headed out to the show grounds where we are staying for the night, thanks to the efforts of Liz Cunningham, the local state MP, told you the pollies love me.   A very big thank you to all today, especially to Brett for organizing the runners and Leigh-Anne from the Professional Read Estate for organizing the great welcome.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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