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6000 km mark! Day 129, 51.7km  (3/2/2009)

As D and I rose before dawn, again! I had a bit of a sniff around before we headed off, I found some not very nice cane toads hanging around the toilet block, unsavoury looking characters they were, so I got out of there and met up with D as we moved north along the Bruce Hwy. At morning tea Glyn parked my pink Regent house at a deserted roadhouse @ Colosseum Creek, palm fronds were strewn all over the veranda, the grass was long and the petrol pumps were all broken. 
There was a crow squawking all the time we were there it was very strange and I was very glad to move on. We kept on running to Miriam Vale, a quaint little town where I managed to find a deep gutter full of water, perfect in this heat. Thank god I’m a dog, I don’t have to change into my bathers, like D, I just went straight in. After a bit of lunch and milk brought for my dinner we moved on up the Bruce Hwy towards Bororen, where D and I crossed the 6000 kilometre mark just before the caravan park we are staying in for the night. What a 1000 kilometres it has been, with crew members down for the count (D’s dad being sick), my dad (Alistair) coming and going, changes in directions of run route, D’s leg still not 100%, kilometres lost and gained, D working extra to help out crew and the endless heat, heat, heat, no wonder D was feeling a little flat when she pass this latest milestone.  As we cross the 6000 mark I gave a silent pray that the next 1000kms might run a little more smoothly so we can focus on D getting her leg fit and making up the lost kilometres. That pray went unanswered as within 20 minutes of arriving into the caravan park, D went for a shower and Oh no! She couldn’t find her prescription glasses, we searched high and low with no results and realised she must have lost them this morning on the road when she changed them over to her prescription sunglasses. Luckily she had an old pair with her so she wouldn’t be bumping into anything soon, I was very glad about this as for a minute there I thought I would have to brush up on my seeing eye dog skills. D’s mum and dad said that they would look for them in the morning back along the road to see if they could find them. Now that’s resolved I can retire for the night.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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