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Games and speeches. Day 124, 36.3km  (2/25/2009)

We left Maryborough this morning, what a pretty town this is, lovely wide streets with grassy green nature strips, and good sniffing territory from where I stand; I couldn’t quite resist leaving an extensive dog history on these grassy pathways. After a good morning run it was time for breakfast, yum, pancakes, one of my favourites and then it was off to Hervey Bay. On our arrival into town I finally got D to a physiotherapist to look at her leg. The lovely lady gave D some treatments and a massage and told me what I could do to help D with her leg issues. After the physio D had an appointment to meet the Deputy Mayor at the RSL and I had to do some media interviews with the press. As we left the RSL for another appointment a family stopped and asked us what we were doing. I was so pleased to meet them as they had six children which meant once again I could be the centre of attention and receive lots of pats and cuddles. They were so nice to me and they had such a nice air conditioned car that I hopped in and nestled down for pats, I wouldn’t have minded a longer stay but unfortunately D had to move on so I reluctantly got back into my pink truck.  The lovely family did guide us to the Hotel where D was to be the guest speaker for the night at the Rotary Club of Hervey Bay City. On arrival we were met by her hosts Gary and his wife Jenny. After dinner D gave her usual inspiring speech about following your dreams in life and why she is doing what she is doing to help others. I like this speech as I am a bit of a dreamer and it kind of suits me. The Rotary meeting was a lot of fun and they played games and laughed a lot. They played one game where they put their hands on their heads or bottoms or both. I didn’t want to tell them of my special talent that I could put my head on my bottom and still have all my paws free. Lucky me! The club were very generous group and raised over $460 for our cause what a reception and we enjoyed our visit very much, however it has been a very busy day and we have got back into camp late so it’s off to bed.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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