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A celebration of time. Day 123, 39.4km  (2/24/2009)

We hit the road this morning under cloud cover which gave us some relief from the heat of the direct sun. Today was a special day for us as it is the 24th of February making it exactly 4 months since we began the run. Wow!  We are now 1/3 into the journey, 2/3rds to go. What an adventure it’s been D has run in rain and snow, in heat waves, through beautiful countryside, along beaches, through mountains and curb sides, through avenues of honour where the shady trees all stand in a row and honoured greetings where the people stand proud and tall, she has run to Centro’s, IGA’s and community centres, D has traversed in her Saucony’s followed by our Regent Caravan all pink, all mighty for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. And I the humble hound (don’t laugh I can be humble) have been by D’s side, her guide, her support, her trusted friend (see that was humble) in my pink jacket and matching shoes being fuel by my VIP treaty’s. On reflection it’s been quite a task. I am so exhausted by my important role in this all that I a beat thinking about all that we have done and all that we have still to do that I feel it is time for me to nod off for another day.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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