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A health visit, and great greeting and more pink cake Day 121, 59.8km  (2/22/2009)

I woke this morning and thought I‘d help D get on the road, as she appeared a little sleepy. So I decided a good morning kiss would help her along so I leapt up on the bed and gave her a big lick on the ear. It worked she was vertical and running towards Kin Kin where we had our first appointment of the day, in no time at all. Just outside Kin Kin is a very special place in D’s heart a place called Living Valley Health Retreat. This is where D stayed when she was sick and D has been looking forward to running here and revisiting the place since the start of the run in October as some of the staff our very special to her. I was looking forward to this meeting as well because the staff here hold a special place in my heart as the people who helped my D recover from her cancer treatment. On our arrival we were greeted by some of the staff and current guest and D talked to the guest about living the principles of a healthy life and eating program that is taught here at Living Valley and how it not only helped her through the cancer but she still lives by these principle daily on the run. When Toby, D’s special consultant come around the corner D jumped up, screamed and throw her arms around him in a big hug it was then when I realised how special this place and people are to D. As we had to be in Gympie by 5pm I had to get D moving again so after a few more hugs and presents from the staff to D we were back on the road running though the beautiful countryside of the Noosa Hinterland, where we were surrounded by lush green rolling hills and I saw more of those strange bed fellow the cows with the white birds friends. I don’t know how they could be friends? As how do they communicate with one another? After all one speaks “cow” and the other “bird”? Maybe they hum together in harmony? As we got to the outskirts of Gympie D thought she would phone her mum to find out how much further we had to go, one of the locals told her it was about 2 kms, Ah! Good we thought not far to go now as we were running we were joined by Colin on his bike who said he’d take us into town. Paw D the 2 kms turned out to be over 7 kms which is a big difference at the end of a long day. However there was a beaut crowd there to welcome us into Gympie including the Mayor but even better I could see a lovely big chocolate cake with pink writing on it! And to my hearts delight I could smell sausage! Yum! You all know how much I love sausage. After a wonderful reception and some sausage and cake I thought we should get to the caravan park as it was already dark and raining, unfortunately the park was about 4kms from where we were so D and I ran along the highway in the dark, it was really, really scary as there were big trucks and only my white bits could be seen. Luckily D had on her fluorescent jacket on and a torch so I could see where I was going and I was very glad to get to the safety of my pink home at about 8.30pm. What a big day we all had it definitely time for bed.

 Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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