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Daddy´s coming and going. Day 119, 28.4km  (2/20/2009)

Great news! D’s dad is finally being release from hospital and coming home to our wee pink convoy, this is fabulous news for the Running Pink Team but unfortunately for me my daddy (Alistair) is going back home tomorrow to Launceston.  As Alistair, (daddy) has been very busy over the past week driving back and forth dropping D’s mum’s caravan off, getting her to fundraising stations and doing all the jobs that D’s dad usually does I feel that I having had much quality parent time and I am a little sulky today as I would have liked my time with daddy. It’s sometimes hard being on the road away from your love ones and all the things you love but I do have my D with me every day and we have a big job still to do so I need to keep my tail up and keep going. This morning as my daddy Alistair started a long 9 hour return drive to pick up D’s dad from Ballina Hospital, D and I headed north on the Bruce highway towards Gympie. The day was heating up fast and with all the concrete and traffic on the road which added to the heat I decided to get into my comfy cool car and watch D run. We had an appointment to meet the Mayors representative at Coolum Beach around 1pm and with D’s dad coming home the Running Pink Team decided D and I would have a shorter kilometre day to cater to the demands of the day. D managed to get to the Yandina turn off by 12.30pm and she jumped into the car to wizz down to the Professional Real Estate office at Coolum Beach to meet the Professional team and Vicki Griffin from the Sunshine Coast Council who had a donation for our cause. After some media shots and happy snaps we drove back to the Yandina turn off and D ran the last 5 kilometres to the Yandina Caravan Park where we were given a lovely spot next to the river. Around dinner time as a storm came through, Alistair turned up with D’s dad and there were a few tears of relief flowing as we all had dinner together for the first time in 10 days. All the team were very tired so after dinner we went to bed I was soon sound asleep dreaming of chasing cars and splashing in water when suddenly there were lights all around us and someone was knocking on the door. Oh my dear! What was wrong? The people from the Caravan Park had woken us as the heavy rains had caused the river to rise almost 1.5 metres in a few hours and they were afraid we would be flooded so we had to evacuate to higher ground. What a bother I wouldn’t have minded a bit of flooding, I could have gone swimming in my sleep. We have moved the caravans and are now all back in bed.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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