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Revisit a zoo, altered route and an evening out. Day 118, 49.1km  (2/19/2009)

Today D run pasted Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo and was touched by the memory of her previous visit back in August 2004 when D walked around Australia. Back then D meet Steve and Terri Irwin very briefly outside the Australia Zoo, at that time Steve had just returned from tagging crocodiles with satellite tracking for the NTU and D couldn’t shake his hand as he had his fingers bandaged. D recalls Steve saying to her “Are you Crazy” when she told him about what she was doing and her dream of being the first female to walk around Australia. D told me that at the time she remembers having a great laugh with Steve when quick as a wink D replied back “That’s the pot calling the kettle black as you (Steve) wrestled crocodiles for a living and from where I stand you are crazy”. D often relays this conversation with Steve when she is speaking to groups of people be that adults or kids as it helps reiterate a point that when you are living your life on purpose and fulfilling your dreams people are going to think you are crazy. I think Steve was a man who lived his life on purpose and followed his dreams and D was very happy to see that the animal hospital that Steve talked about starting when she was there last was now complete at the Zoo. Steve might be physically gone from this world but his dream lives on.  Since D’s dad has been sick which means the team is a member down, D has been helping out the team with extra jobs after she gets off the road, this is starting to take a toll on D so she has decided to yet again alter her route to suit the demands of the run. Therefore instead of running into the Sunshine Coast D decided to finish the day at the corner of Steve Irwin Way and the Bruce Hwy and tomorrow she will run up the Bruce Highway towards Gympie. I know that shortening the route again is a worry for D but I have sat her aside and we have devised a plan to make up the extra kilometres, I will be revelling all soon.  It was a good thing we stopped when we did as we needed to get to Anaconda Kawana for a fundraising BBQ they were organizing for us, so we drove into the Sunshine Coast to meet this appointment on time, as the Paparazzi where waiting for me and I do hate to keep my fans waiting. The nice surprise of the day was Malcolm Matthews and Chris Reynolds aka Dr. Wheatgrass who have been supplying D with some great wheatgrass lotion for her legs invited D and the Running Pink team out for dinner, as I was tired I decided to stay home but I am very glad and grateful that the team are able to have a night off and are been looked after for a change. A big thank you to Chris and Malcolm for helping out my tired team.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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