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A very busy day, Day 116, 52.4km  (2/17/2009)

Wow, what a day I am so dog tired I can hardly type my blog tonight. We started the day running from the Gold Coast towards Brisbane and as D and I were not allowed to run on the main highway into Brisbane (M1) we had to take the side roads. Now I have mentioned before that D doesn’t have a great sense of direction and couldn’t find her way out of a paper bag, luckily for D I was with her with my trusty nose and could sniff out my pink caravan at every turn. The run was quite different to running on the highway as we run through industrial estates on old highways, up residential side streets and on the bike path which made it an interesting running day. We had a lot of fundraising commitments today our 1st stop was at the RACQ in Logan were we caught up with Lindsay Phillips a fellow ultra runner who had organized a BBQ at the RACQ and they raised $473 for our cause. Thanks to all those who chipped in, it’s a great effort. D and I then ran onto the caravan park where we retired from running for the day. Yippee it was a very big day of 52.4kms in only 8 hours which is fast for D and me but there was no rest time involved we got straight into our air conditioned car and drove to Anaconda @ Logan where we were greeted by the Mayor, very briefly, and the wonderful staff of Anaconda. I had a first time experience at Anaconda my 1st ever ride on an escalator, it was kind of scary and fun at the same time. Going down was easier than coming up as I was a little nervous on the way up because it was my first time also on the way down I had a slight tail wind from the centre’s air conditioning. Outside the Anaconda store I go to sit in a small car that children ride in which was fun and it draw attention to me so we received some more donations, it is always a clever move to act cute when fundraising. We said our farewells to all at Anaconda and then we drove to VIP Petfoods, yum, yum in the tum, tum! When we got to VIP their dog club was on and they had thrown a little party for me with 20 other doggie guests. My new doggie friends showed me their doggie amusement park where I got free rides on the jumping sty’s, and ran through an orange tunnel and weaved through poles, it was great doggie fun. D got some more VIP Petfoods for me whilst I was playing and we all had a group photo before I said my goodbyes. By this time I was pooped and was happy to be heading home to my pink caravan.

Very sleepy Maggie.
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G
PS D´s dad is still in hospital so things are still difficult with 1 crew member down.

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