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There is no other word for it RAIN! Day 113, 56.3km  (2/14/2009)

All it did today was rain, buckets and buckets and buckets of rain and my umbrella paw was sprained so I couldn’t help D. The truth be known I really didn’t have anything wrong with my paw but after about 10 kms of running in the deluge my coat was matty and my pads were prunish and as the paparazzi are stalking me I didn’t want to risk another bad photo. Lucky I got to spent most of the day in the comfort of my car nice and dry, D however spent the whole day in the rain, there wasn’t a moment when it stopped, it just kept raining and by lunch time every pair of shoes, every rain coat and every article of clothing D runs in was wet and by finishing time she looked like a drowned rat. I am hoping the rain will stop tomorrow so we can all dry out.

Watching the rain from the car and definitely not running.
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G
PS D’s father is still in hospital and D’s mum is still in Ballina with him. The Running Pink team will need to make a decision soon about bring D’s mum forward or not. Luckily my daddy arrives tomorrow so he will be able to drive the other van. I have my paws crossed that D’s dad will get well soon.

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