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A chance meeting, a forgotten meeting and the meeting of minds. Day 112, 47.3km  (2/13/2009)

Sometimes peoples and dogs lives connect at one place and moment in time and when this happens at the special spot of Byron Bay you really know that the universe is working with you.  Today D and I had run down the hill from Lismore, D had change for the third time today as the weather had been stormy and wet all day and was having a nice cup of tea in our pink caravan at the turn off to Byron Bay when we heard a voice saying “hello”. This voice belonged to Harald Ulriksen who for the past 8 weeks has been pushing a cart from Adelaide to Brisbane in memory of his wife Brony who lost her battle with breast cancer last year. What a personal journey Harald is on, a journey of love and remembrance and hope for all breast cancer survivors. Thank you Harald for your personal efforts to help all women affected by breast cancer.  As we all were about 3kms from town and D was to meet the mayor in Bryon Bay she asked Harald to join with us, so we all walked, (Harald couldn’t run as he was pushing his cart) into Byron together. On our arrival we were met by Barb, fellow breast cancer survivor and the force behind the Byron Bay breast cancer support group and the paparazzi again! I wasn’t too happy with the press turning up as I was having a bad hair day due to the continuous rain. That’s two days in a row they have photographed me not at my best; I am starting to feel that they are stalking me. At 6pm as the rain kept bucketing down we all stood around waiting for the mayor to turn up, after waiting for half an hour D and her mum were getting a little anxious as D’s mum wanted to drive back to Ballina to see D’s dad in the hospital but as the Running Pink team had made an appointment with the mayor D felt that despite her personal situation she and the team had to be professional enough to keep the appointment, so we waited. However, after 1 hour of waiting for the mayor and she not returning phone calls D decided that her mum needs to see D’s dad was more important than a very late mayor so we packed up our fundraising table and got D’s mum away to Ballina so she could at least spend 15 mins with D’s dad before visiting hours were over. I was barking mad at this stage as the mayor’s tardiness didn’t only reduce the time D’s mum could spend with her sick husband but D still had to run in the pouring rain at 7.15pm at night to the caravan park which was about 4 kms out of town. I will say I am proud of the Running Pink team they acted in a professional manner during a time of stress to the family, they show true dedication to the people they are trying to help and represent.  What troopers! D would never let a headache (the paw excuse the mayor’s office rang in with) get in the way of her commitments. As you all know she has run with shin splints in the rain, hail, snow, heat and everything else to make her appointments, it just doesn’t chop with me that someone would leave people standing in the rain because of a sore head, I bet if I was the PM she would have been there! By the time D got to the caravan park it was very late and with only 1 crew member with D at the moment I was starting to think I would have to share my VIP Petfood but some culinary angels come to the rescue, Barb and her partner Mark brought Pizzas and made salad for D, Glyn and Harald and a wonderful evening of food and conversation was had by all. Thanks for looking after my D in a time of stress.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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