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Star´s behaving badly. Day 111, 28.4km  (2/12/2009)

This morning we drove back to D’s yesterday’s GPS finishing point, I love to start my day with a drive as it allow me to have a good bark at other cars that pass us by. It’s a bit of early morning road rage that stimulates my facilities and helps clear my throat of what I call, over night air con whoop. After a few kilometres on the road with D to make sure she was okay, I retired to the car as I had an appointment to meet the Mayor of Lismore in the afternoon, so I needed my beauty sleep. When I awoke we had arrived in Lismore, so I had my hair brushed and whiskers combed for my mayoral appointment.   I maybe coloured blind but I could swear that the mayor had pink hair and was wearing a pink cowboy hat! I was about to greet her when suddenly my olfactory nerves took over and to my pleasant surprise there was a sausage sizzle. Forget the mayor, let’s eat! As D and the mayor sat down with a sausage each and began to chat I saw this as my opportunity, D had her back to me and the sausage was in reach, I lunged forward for the perfect score, little realizing that the paparazzi had been watching me. Damm it, they got the whole incident on film, I’m dead dog now that the press have this on me. It’s such a drag being famous you can’t get away with a thing. Oh well they may have got the photo but I got the sausage and after all it’s a dog’s life and you just can’t miss a sausage opportunity when it comes your way.

Running with you soon.
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G
PS: For those who are concern about D’s dad there is no chance at the moment he still has a temperature but he is in good hands and we are all keeping our fingers and paws crossed that he will be out by Monday.

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