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4 monthitis. Day 109, 51km  (2/10/2009)

Over the last week my D seems to be moving on with the business of running around Australia, she is running better and is mentally on track. Since that terrible moment last week when I thought it was all over Red Roger for D and the run I have allowing D the space and time before approaching the subject of what really was going on in her head during those dark days when she was at the point of quitting the journey. Tonight sitting alone together soaking our road weary feet in the cool waters of the Richmond River in Woodburn I finally got the chance to approach the subject.  D told me she remembers when she walked around Australia in 2003/2004 she had 4 monthitis also. What is 4 monthitis? It’s that time on the road when you realise that you have achieve a huge amount of kilometres but still have a huge amount to go and it’s the time you come to terms with the notion that this is your life. It is also the time when the excitement of the start, marries with the reality of doing it. Most people who embark on a long distance walks and runs go for about 1000 – 2000km say from Brisbane to Melbourne these events take about 1 – 2 months and then there over, I think most people could do this. A few others will put in the extra distance of about 5000km say from across Australia or from the south to north of the continent, these event take about 4 months and then there over, this is a harder challenge but it’s a short time and distance in your life and when the going gets tough at the 3 month mark you only have a month to go, then you can be tucked up in your bed resting. Only a small group, I can count them on one paw will go that extra distance and take the journey beyond the 4 months, to understand what it will take to continue beyond this, to except the challenge. I think D has reached that moment when there is a surrendering of oneself to the journey and an understanding of the road ahead. So now that 4 monthitis is diagnosed we can treat it and get on the healthy path of running forward.

Running with you soon.
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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