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A New Hope. Day 105, 61km  (2/6/2009)

D started her running day at 4.00am with her headphones on listening to positive affirmations and the Running Pink team travelling slowly like angels behind her, guiding her with the car lights as she started to jog slowly in the dark. As it was getting light D had clocked up just over 10kms but better still she was still shuffling along, still going, it was a great start. As dawn was breaking the Running Pink convoy went ahead 5 kms to get breakfast ready, we were all a little anxious at this stage to see if D could keep going with her little shuffle. About 40 minutes from the time we left her D came jogging along through the mist smiling for the first time in a long time, my heart fluttered, have we a breakthrough I asked myself? As D’s folks left to go fundraising D continue throughout the day, little step, by little step until 4.00pm where she had managed to clocked up just over 61kms still 20kms short of Coffs Harbour. The shortness of distance didn’t matter as by this stage I was so excited my tail was hurting D seemed to be more herself again and today was a huge improvement from yesterday, she had achieve a big kilometre day and most of the day was spent running not walking, crawling, howling and hobbling like she has been doing. I could see in D that she still had more kilometres in her for the day but unfortunately due to fundraising commitments in Coffs Harbour she had to stop at 4.00pm, GPS the road and drive forward. It didn’t matter, the most important thing today is D had a great day on the road with good kilometres in good timing and it was great to see D doing her run, the run that is instinctive to her. It has been a long time since I have seen that special shuffle; I feel D let everything else in and forgot that it’s her run that she has to achieve the goal her way not some other person’s way. To top a good running day off Cheepa who had heard about our D not travelling so well dropped in for a visit, to cheer her up at Coffs Harbour and we went to the Big Banana and the Big Slurpee, Cheepa just loves all those tourist things, he is just cheep tart. Tomorrow we will be going out early again to hopefully achieve another 60km day, this would be a huge mental advantage for D as she then knows she can achieve 60 kilometres for 2 days in a row, which are the kilometres she will need to do along the top and down the west coast to achieve her goals.
Running with you soon.
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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