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Pulled of the road. Day 104, 30.2km  (2/5/2009)

In a desperate attempt to get Deborah out of her pit of despair D’s mother finally stepped in and pulled Deborah off the road 25kms short of her destination. In all the years I have been with my D, I have never seen her like she was today on the road, she was a desperate girl, crying and praying to get her out of the physical pain and the mental anguish that she had got herself into. In the doggy world there is a saying: “It is the will, not the skill that will get you to the end of the day”, over the last week Deborah has lost the will and in a journey like this one the mental will is where the battle to achieve the goal is won or lost. The Running Pink Team has decided to change Deborah’s route in an attempt to get her just through tomorrow, if we can achieve that goal we can get her back on track. The team will be using a new but old strategy to help D through the day, back in 2003/2004 during Deborah’s world record walk around Australia in the extreme heat conditions Deborah started her walking day around 4.00am as to get most of her kilometres in before the heat of the day started, so it’s off to bed early for a pre dawn start. Let’s hope that the change of route will break the negative cycle that D has got herself into. I am praying for a good day with good kilometres covered as I feel half the problem is D cannot get her head around achieving the higher end of the kilometres scale she will need to achieve when she has left the east coast because she is suffering from the continuous injure.   I just wish she would stop worrying about the future and get on with the present.

Hoping for a good running day.
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G
PS. We like to thank the wonderful community of Macksville who today decorated their town in pink for Deborah’s arrival; she was very touched and emotional that people would go too so much effort for her. 

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