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Roadworks, roadworks and more roadworks. Day 102, 48.8km (2/3/2009)

Today D was in road hell! A combination of roadwork’s, pain and heat resulted in D plodding along to end the day well under her target kilometres and having to rethink and reduce her kilometres again as her conditions both physically and mentally worsened. Most of the day was spent running through 32kms of roadworks between Coopernook and Heron’s Creek. This section of road was a nightmare for D to run on, D always conscious of my safety told me to stay in the car so she was all alone out there. To negotiate through these 32kms was a very slow process and D was travelling at about 4kms/per hour.  This was due to the fact that about every 2km a very good intentioned road safety officer (how many can these road crews have??) keep making her switch to different sizes of the road so she was continually stopping waiting for traffic, crossing the road, walking and running in dirt and not getting a great rhythm up to run. That coupled with the endless concrete barriers in the heat, the dust from the machines and no proper road surface to run on, plus the added danger of dodging traffic and machines resulted in Deborah not making it to Port Macquarie. With D in tears, the Running Pink team had to make another tough decision to end D’s day short. We are camped in a rest area on the highway trying to consul D as she has to yet again shorten her route so as to get to the next fundraising appointment in time. I think the pain in her legs, the constant worry about the shortening of the total kilometres and the continuous pressure to get to fundraising appointments on time when she isn’t running at full capacity is really starting to affect D’s journey and her head is definitely not in the right spot, she is struggling and I know that she will not be able to be in this state for long because one cannot be on the road day after day for a whole year unless one is in the right state of mine.  The team is very worried; something will need to give soon. I have tried to talk to my D but she isn’t responding she is shutting me out I think just to deal with the daily ordeal of the legs etc. 

Praying for a miracle
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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