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Fame and fishes. Day 101, 57.4km (2/2/2009)

I am the Taree Celebrity! As we arrived for our official duties into a very hot Taree today the media were out in full force to catch a great shot of me running into their city centre, D as usual let me steal the limelight as I posed for the paparazzi and for the TV crew. D I think just wanted to get a move on as she wanted to go further with her kilometres but I was enjoying being the centre of attention so much that I held her up for about 1 and a half hours. I just can’t help myself put a camera in front of me and I just have to perform, I think I missed my calling I should have been a movie star!  I am sure if I was I wouldn’t have to share my pink caravan with D!!! She does take up a lot more room than me you know and has I whole lot more stuff that she keeps lying around in my space so sometimes I do dream of a Regent caravan all to my own. D finally hit the road again at about 4.30pm, me I was so tired from being glamorous that I hopped into the car. D wanted to run at least 25 kms more but unfortunately the time of the road had really affected her leg and she hobbled a further 17kms as the sun started to set and her body just gave up. The problem with that is we were on the concrete, double lane Pacific Hwy with no rest area or stopping lane to pull over to so we couldn’t camp for the night where she stopped. There was a side road and Uncle Glyn spotted some people walking down it, he quickly jumped out of the car, told them our predicament and asked them if we could camp somewhere close for the evening. As luck would turn out just 1.5kms down this road was a fantastic area to camp, right next to the tidal river with a designated swimming area, power and an outdoor cold shower. We plugged in, switched the air conditioner on so we will sleep well tonight and D and I took a sunset swim with the fishes.  The Running Pink Team is trying to get D into the water as much as possible after each day as part of her treatment for her legs. The salt water is also doing her other foot good as she has developed a golf ball size bluster on the soul of her foot. It’s a double limping situation at the moment. But tonight we all feel bless from the beautiful surrounds we are staying at, nature and its beauty does heal the soul.

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