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Still trying, still hanging in there. Day 98 29.1km  (1/30/2009)

D’s is having real trouble with her legs and this morning was the first time she sat down on a park bench in Raymond Terrace and just sighed to me and said “I don’t know if I can do this anymore?” D never complains about her legs but after a month on constant pain I guess it gets to the best of us. I know that D will not quit, it’s just not in her but some days I also know it’s very hard. To help lighten today’s load we did another shorter day and D is resting up from the heat in the air conditioned caravan. Yes folks we found another park that loves me! I do worry about my D and I know that she stresses out when she cuts her running day short but I remind her that she has a long way to go, still over 9 months and 15,500 kilometres so we still have time to catch up on distance we loss in these early months. The Running Pink team and I, who always out vote D in the big decisions, have forced this rest on her today. We do tell her when she complains about the kilometres being down that when she is on the flat, outback plains of Australia where there is no one there but Mr Kangaroo and Mr Snake she will not be running everyday to appointments and this will be the time when she will start her world record bid. I tell her at the moment focus on the fundraising and getting the word out about breast cancer and on what she can do today. As a great master once said with small steps big things can be achieved, what D is trying to do after what she has gone through is huge and everyday no matter what kilometres she runs I am very proud of her for what she is trying to do for the women of Australia.

Running with you soon.
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G
PS As I write this D and the Running Pink have been invited to dinner by Karen Hutchinson and her husband so some good company and food will also do her good.

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