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Record temperature in a concrete jungle. Day 92, 48.2km (1/24/2009)

With tall buildings everywhere I turned and record summer temperatures of 42 degrees we run into Sydney CBD at about 1pm today to be greeted by the wonderful girls from the National Breast Cancer Foundation at Sydney Square next to the town hall. I was so happy to see their smiling faces as we had spent the morning being frowned at by many people as we run towards the city. I know that the temperature was extremely hot and the concrete jungle that is Sydney made the heat very oppressive but it doesn’t hurt to smile if someone smiles at you.  After all you are living and it’s good to be alive! Deborah was happy to see the girls too as she received gifts of baby pink cupcakes, I sneaked a few, when D wasn’t looking and they were yummy. I even come back for second by opening the fridge door with my paw and nuzzling my way in and grabbing them from the second shelve. After our visit with the girls we were off and running again down to the harbour for a quick visit with Cheepa and some tourists shots. After my extensive and tiring photo shoot Daddy brought me a soft serve ice cream to cool down.  With a belly full of ice-cream and two helpings of cupcakes I realised I had over indulged my sweet tooth and needed to lie down and rest so I waddled to the car for an afternoon nap whilst D continued on over the Sydney Harbour Bridge towards Hornsby. Whilst driving on the bridge I read the outside temperature gauge and it was registering the temperature at 4pm to be 46 degrees, what nightmarish heat to be still running in but my D was a girl on a historic mission as she wanted to run to the stop where she broke her world walk record back on the 23rd September 2004. D reached this historic spot at about 4.40pm and had a moment reminiscing about that past and all that has happened since breaking that record. D told me later that it was good to view the past but she was more grateful for the love and support she received everyday from family and friends and to be alive and happy today. Deborah’s getting more Doggie Zen by the moment.

Running with you soon.
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G
PS. Yet again no caravan park wants us and we are camped in a car park railway station for the night, oh well at least a cool breeze has started so it may not be so hot tonight.

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