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Running over water, daddy´s here and a family full of love, Day 91 48.3km (1/23/2009)

As today’s weather forecast was for 38 degrees we started very early and by 8am as D had another phone radio interview the temperature had already reached 31 degrees, humidity at 52% and both figures continued to climb.   Luckily for most of the morning we were running along the beautiful scenic coastal road north of Wollongong so the temperature was slightly cooler. One of the highlights of this road is the newly constructed sea cliff bridge which is an amazing engineering feat of a bridge built over the ocean. It was a very interesting if not slightly vertiginous experience to be running over the sea but the cooling sea breeze did bring some relief from the never ending heat. The coolness didn’t last as we started to climb upwards and inwards towards the out skirts of Sydney. On our return to Highway 1 the temperature was about 38 degrees and I decided that I had had enough of the heat for one day and I climbed into my spot in the air conditioned car and collapsed into a sun exhausted sleep. As I slept, dreaming about swimming in Anarchic waters, D continued on to Sydney. Around 2pm I was woken by a very familiar voice, daddy! calling my name. I jumped up and greeted him with all the enthusiasm I could muster in this heat and to my surprise I woke to a thriving metropolis. Never in my life have I seen so many cars on roads that stretch for miles and people everywhere, D told me that this was only the outer suburbs of Sydney and I couldn’t help but wonder what sights I will see tomorrow as we arrive at the centre of this great hub. D run onto Westfield Miranda were she was greeted by the major of Sutherland council, the local newspaper and the team of Westfield complex. On arrival D’s mum told D that yet again the caravan park in the area has refused us entry, I feel very bad as it is usually my fault and my D is starting to suffer in the heat as the nights are just as warm as the days so being in a caravan park means she can cool off with a cold shower and have the air conditioner in the van on.   On hearing our plight Mary Stamell, forever know to us as an angel told us we could camp outside her house in a quite culver-sac in an outer Sydney suburb. On arrival at Mary’s street, Castle Place the neighbours come out to greet us along with the rest of the Stamell Family. These wonderful people allowed us to use their shower, wash our road weary clothes and fed us with a wonderful dinner on a table full of love, laugher and support. All I can say is hail to King Jim and Queen Mary of Castle Place. Thank you for all our kindness, love, support and generosity that you gave to us journey weary souls. God Bless.

Running with you soon.
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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