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More BB´s and great news! Day 83, 36.7km  (1/15/2009)

I knew D was back on track this morning as she chatted happily on the phone during a radio interview. During the interview I could hear in her voice the passion, enthusiasm and devotion she has to our cause. I smiled a wee doggy smile and trotted happily alongside her safe in the knowledge that last night’s moment of sadness didn’t seem to be there.  D’s mood lightened even more when we arrival at Old Parliament House for the second time this month to a wonderful greeting by the Canberra Bosom Buddies and Win Television news crew. I have been practising a few new poses for the cameras and I am happy to report that they used them on the nightly news tonight. It is very important to always show your best side, mine is right side as I have a Marilynn type beauty spot on my right cheek, always an attractive feature on a girl. After our interviews and greetings Cheepa dropped in for a fleeting visit, he said he had some “official” business in Canberra he was very mysterious and didn’t stay long; just a quick photo op and then he flew away. D spent the afternoon visiting a sports doctor who sent her for X-rays on her leg as there was a fear that the shin splint might have developed into a stress fracture. This would be the worst possible outcome for D as she would have to seriously think about the rest of her trip and if she could continue or not. After getting lost in the land of circles that is Canberra we made it back to the doctor’s clinic from the x-ray centre and D held her breath as the doctor examined the film. D and all the Running Pink team was so relieved when the doctor told D that her bones were in great condition and there was no sign of a fracture. This was a great moral booster to D as she silently confessed to me she was very worried about the shin as it was taking so long to heal. Leaving the doctors with a prescription to walk through the injury as much as possible D continue on the road from Canberra to Queanbeyan where she was met tonight by the deputy mayor at the caravan park we are staying at. All in all today was a good day with lots to be grateful for and packed full of positive actions, thoughts and outcomes.

 Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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