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Horror day! Day 75, 67.3 km  (1/7/2009)

As the temperature soared to 40 degrees and the wind was in an easterly direction, meaning a head wind of about 25 kilometres per hour Deborah’s day was difficult to say the least. Not mine as I chose the option of comfort in the air conditioned car. To try and stay hydrated whilst running, D was wetting down her cap and wearing a wet scarf around her neck.  D learnt from bushman in the Pilbara during her walk around Australia that if you keep the back of your neck cool you will not dehydrate as much. The only problem with today was that the hot windy condition only kept the wetted items wet for about 10 minutes so it was a constant struggle to keep D cool enough so she could continue running. I will say that today’s conditions are a washing day dream but her D who is still running with her shin splints in was a total nightmare. I cannot believe that D ran over 63 kilometres in these conditions to arrive at Cowra where she was greeted by the mayor and rain. After the civic reception D walked with her mum and I, my first run for the day in the drizzling rain the 4 kms to the caravan park. It was wonderful to cool down in the rain and it’s probably the first time on your trip that D welcomed rain. D said that after such a horrid day the rain was a little blessing from the heaven. Today’s condition have used up all D’s energy and she has gone to bed early and who could blame her.

Running with you soon.
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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