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A fabulous singing reception, Day 73, 48.3km  (1/5/2009)

D and I woke early this morning to the sounds of truck exhaust brakes and the smell of bacon. The Running Pink Team had their brekkie at Macca’s and some of the staff brought Running Pink t-shirts so it was a great start to our fundraising day. As the temperature started to soar about 37 degrees, D plodded along the rolling hills of wheat, oat and sheep farms whilst I cooled off in the air conditioned car. I did get out of the cool comfort to help D run the last leg along the main street of Boorowa where we were meet by the Mayor Wendy and some members of the community. After a brief sojourn we were ushered to the shady caravan park where D and I had a brief nap under the trees. As usual D was obsessed with having a shower and since it was her first since New Year’s Day I agreed that she was in need of one as my nostril defensive radar was picking up some strange signals around D’s core.  After freshen up the Running Pink team went to an evening reception held by the Boorowa council and community. As it was pasted my bed time and I was dog tired from sleeping in the cool car all day I allowed D to go on my behalf. As I write this D has come home all excited as the reception was a huge success, with a great response from the community. At the reception there was a group of fabulous barber shop singers from Sydney called the Silver Foxes who sang to all and to Deborah. These wonderful men go around singing to groups of people; they don’t ask for money and just sing out of love for the music and others. They are a wonderful example to the rest of us that by giving and contribution to other people happiness creates happiness within you.   This tiny community managed to raise over $2000 for our cause what a fabulous effort and from all the team at Running Pink we thank you for your hospitality, generosity and love. You definitely get a 5 star tail award from me.

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