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Traffic hazard then silence Day 67, 53.9km (12/30/2008)

I love our first run out in the early mornings on the road, D lets me run free to enjoy time off my leash, the birds are singing and the air is fresh with the new days hope. With freedom and tranquillity at the start of my day it sets the tone of happiest to my puppy mood. However today was shattering! The traffic was tragic as D and I started our run up Clyde Mountain, a steep 5kms ascent. It seems that all the cars in the world were on the road today and every second a car whizzed past us. After a very short space of time I couldn’t stand it any longer and for safety’s sake I jumped into my “room” in the car. Where do all these people come from? And where are all these people going? I didn’t know there was this many people in the world. Their behaviour was a complete mystery to me as I believe that travelling through this beautiful mountainous landscape is better seen on paw. The mystery of all these cars was solved when we got to Braidwood. We were told that most of Canberra was on the road driving down to the coast for their summer holidays. It strikes me that if all of Canberra leaves Canberra and head to Batemans Bay on the coast wouldn’t it be quieter to stay in Canberra?  I don’t know much about human behaviour but being a Tassie dog I love quiet places best. During our run up the Clyde we meet Ian and David who were cycling from Sydney to Albury would you believe that D who was on foot beat them up the mountain it was so steep that they had to get off their bikes and push them up. We all had a laugh about this when we reached the top and the team at running pink thank them for their donation and wish them happy travels. After spending most of the day dodging traffic D finally arrived into Braidwood, where Bronwyn Mill and her staff at the Braidwood IGA were all dressed in pink for our arrival and had organized a fundraiser that contributed over a $1000 to our cause. D and I would just like to say thank you very much, your donation and your efforts helped lift our spirits after the death defying road journey of the day. At the end of our day we headed south towards Cooma and as there were no cars on the road just beautiful silence D and I were once again running free. Heaven.

Running with you soon.
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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