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A runners dream and nightmare all in one day. Day 56, 52.2km (12/19/2008)

This morning the sun was shining, we had a tail wind and the temperature was around 19 degrees, as Deborah would say “A runner’s dream” conditions. We made great time into Bairnsdale and travelled on to a beautiful stop by a lake called Swan Reach for lunch. After lunch Deborah waved the car goodbye as it did its usual 3 – 4 kms leap ahead where in will wait until Deborah runs up to it. I was a little sleepy after my big lunch and catching ducks around the lake so I decided on this car leap to be in the vehicle so I could have a wee nap. Unfortunately about 3kms into my snooze the car seemed to be having trouble getting up the hill and then it just wouldn’t go. It went on strike! This was Deborah’s nightmare that the car would breakdown and the world record would be lost! Glyn rang the RACT for someone to come and rescue us and by the time help arrived so had D.  Rescue come in the form of a big yellow tow truck, for a moment I went into a little panic as I realized that the car needed to be towed to Lakes Entrance only a few kilometres from where it had stopped. The panic was caused as I was worried for my D and her world record attempted what would happen if the car was going to be off the road for days?  I breathed a sigh of relief when I realised that we had two vehicles and even if one was being fixed Deborah could still continue forward with the other car. This was great news and my mood improved even more as I got to ride in the big yellow truck with yellow flashing lights and as it was a lot higher that the 4WD I could see for miles. The only sad bit was I couldn’t experience the ride with Deborah as she had to stay behind and wait for the other vehicle so she could complete her run for the day. D told me later that as she was running towards Lakes Entrance three kids and their mum all wrapped in pink were waving and clapping as she run by. The kids had been waiting for a few hours to see D and she was very touched by their enthusiasm and it helped lift her spirits after the car incident.   After a quick photo with the kids D ran a very quick time into Lakes Entrance to meet the Mayor and a council member who had been waiting over an hour as D was late due to the car breaking down. It was very nice of them to wait so long and D was grateful for the welcome. My car will be fixed in a few days so the Running Pink team decided that D’s mum and dad will be have a little holiday in Lakes Entrance whilst we take their car and continue on in the morning. I feel they got the better end of the deal. Lakes Entrance is a beautiful place with fantastic beaches I would have loved to stay a while and run in the clear white sand but I need to be loyal to D and help her as she runs around Australia.

Running with you soon.
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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