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Lots & lots of toots. Day 53, 62.3km (12/16/2008)

Now I thought Deborah was popular at home in Tasmania with the toots she received whilst on the road. I just thought she had lots of friends as after all it was our home state but now that we are on the mainland she seems to be getting more. My paws are getting tired from all the waving I am doing to people who are giving us support. The support we are receiving from the people of Victoria is amazing and we like to thank everyone who is encouraging us along the way but as I have said before “Toots are great but please donate”.  I am starting to feel like a true celebrity as the media was chasing me down. Today I have 3 photographic appointments, a news camera appearance and a radio interview. It’s all so tiring for this simple dog who was born to run and who life’s dream is just to wander down the back roads near Launceston and splash in a puddle or two. D has thrown me into stardom through her desire to raise $300,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I love D so much that I will endure my new celebrity status to help her reach her goal. D did a huge day today over 60 kms and is coming into camp late so I better go and greet her as she runs in.

Running with you soon.
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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