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We are on the Mainland. Day 51, 61.7kms (12/14/2008)

Last night Cheepa gave us a brief visit to say farewell with a promise to fly across and catch up with us over the next few months. As I was first onto the boat last night I was also the first off the boat. Early this morning once the Spirit of Tasmania was dock in Melbourne we were position at the bow doors and ushered off the boat by a kind man in a fluorescent green suit. Deborah and I run down the sky bridge with our pink convoy behind us and guess what? It was raining! Told you D was the “rain genie”. But even bigger news was that the media were there to greet us. I was on the evening news and we discovered that it went Australia wide. They love me here!  I would like to thank D for being a good spokesperson on my behalf she always represents me well. After our media interviews we started running and I discovered many strange things in this new land. Here they have these tall grey buildings that block out the sun, big green machines that look like slugs which run on rails and make a strange ding, ding noise, I tasted the puddles and didn’t like the favour as they were a tad on the oily side. However the exciting mixture of smells that emanated from the air when we run up a street called Chapel was simulating to my connoisseur nose and really got me salivating.   I must visit some of those food bowls (you humans call them cafes) next time I am in town. It was a long hard run today as Deborah and I had to run on the footpath and that is difficult as you are constantly stopping and starting due to traffic lights and people backing out of driveways. With all that stop start it’s not easy to get a descent running rhythm up. Even though it was a difficult running day we had lots of people stopping and giving us donations I am so happy that people on the mainland know about what D and I are doing and what we are trying to achieve and are giving towards our cause. I didn’t tell D but I was a little worried about what would happen on the mainland but now with the great nationwide media coverage we feel we will achieve our goal of raising over $300,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. To all my Tassie friends & readers, keep watching this space and helping us out and to all my new mainland readers welcome to our journey. Please stop and say hello (and give a donation) when you see us in your community.

Running with you soon.
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G

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