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2000kms, a quick day and home again. Day 48, 27.9km (12/11/2008)

After a wonderful sleep in our own beds we started running this morning down the big hill and reached our 2000kms mark. This mark was exactly out the front of one of Deborah’s favourite cafe Cuccina and since D hadn’t eaten yet she decided to have one of their yummy breakfasts and I got to have a puppycino something I am quite fond off.  Check out the 2000kms mark photo in our gallery. With our belly’s full Deborah and I started running towards Exeter, and by the time we got there Deborah needed to go back to Launceston for some medical appointments that she couldn’t do yesterday so we marked the stop and drove back to Launceston. This means we get to spend 1 more night at home yippy! D and I are really savouring the feeling of being at home as we head off to the mainland on Saturday night and will not be home again for another 10 and a half months. Good thing I chewed all my buried bones last night as they probably wouldn’t be much good after such a long time underground.  As I write this D and I are sitting on our couch at home watching TV, a real luxury and D is slowly nodding off to sleep.   I better end here so I can wake her up and help her to bed so she doesn’t wake up all stiff from sleeping on the couch all night.

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