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We´re home! Only for 1 Day. Day 47, 41.8km (12/10/2008)

Deborah and I run very quickly today and I think it had something to do with running towards our home town of Launceston. I was so exciting to see familiar streets and smell old scents along roads that we train on that my tail hurt from wagging so much. I know that it is only for one night but I am a very happy dog to be home. I got to see my friend shadow, the black lab that lives next door and as I was cultivating a few bones that I buried in the backyard before I left I had a great time this afternoon digging around my backyard and feeling all excited to be in my personal space again. Before we run up the very steep hill to our home we were greeted at the Launceston Mall, by Jodie Campbell, she our local federal MP and her staff who were all dressed in our pink t-shirts so we looked quite a stunning pink crowd. It was great to have Jodie and her staff there as they help us to fundraise in the mall and we managed to raise over $2500 from our fellow Launcestians. Thank you very much for all your generous support. Go my home town! With our arrival into Launceston we had the TV crews out filming and I was very aware of making sure that got my best angle on film. Dealing with the Paparazzi can be so trying, one must always be a bit of a media tart and make sure that they do get the right shot after all I do have an image to maintain. Not that it’s going to my head or anything but we are known as Maggie and the pink lady. Poor D no one remembers her name but she doesn’t seem to be perturbed, she just keeps running on and lets me be the celebrity. Just as well we really couldn’t have two princesses in the family, could we?  

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G.

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