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Lack of energy as wind takes its toll. Day 45, 42.9km (12/8/2008)

After 7 days straight of strong head wind and on and off rain Deborah’s energy level was very low today. Personally the wind doesn’t really bother me but that’s because I am a lot closer to the ground then Deborah. I have obscured D over this last week and have noticed that she leans forward into the head wind whilst she is running and this is starting to course issues in her lower back and upper body. She tells me that running in strong constant head wind can be compared to running in water, sounds fun to me, as you all know by now how much I love water. I keep running beside her mentally trying to tell her to keep her back straight so she doesn’t have the pain issues but mainly I am there beside her to keep her spirits up when the going gets tough. On a different note I have decided that I am the cow whisperer. We are once again running in dairy country and I have noticed that the cows seem to run up to the fence line whenever I pass by. I must have a secret scent that they are attracted to and I do go and say hello and they are very courteous in their response. Deborah has left me again tonight to go and talk to the Scottsdale Lions Club. I really don’t know how she has the energy to run all day and then go give speeches at night. She has so much passion for what she is going and a strong belief that we will raise our target of $300,000 that sometimes she gets a second and third “wind” that keeps her doing through the tough days and into the night for fundraising opportunities. I really do admire her and her spirit. I hope that the whole of Australia will get behind her and help her reach her target as all D wants to do is help the women of Australia by helping to find a prevention and cure to breast cancer.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G.

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