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A historic visit and a lesson in letting go, Day 35, 46.5km (11/28/2008)

The morning started with us running in dizzily rain and after about 15kms I decided that the warm car was far more appealing than getting wet and cold plus I was a little down as daddy (Alistair) had to go back to Launceston. Deborah as usual kept going at Eaglehawk Neck she was joined by Helena a great cheerful soul who walked in the rain with D and knocked on local businesses to help raise money and by the time we reached Port Arthur she had managed to raise over $170 (what a champion) and would you believe it also stoped raining. I do find it rather annoying that the rain always decides to stop when we stop, why is that? When we reached Port Arthur I was a very privilege dog as I got to run around the Port Arthur Historic Site. Port Arthur is one of Australia´s great tourism destinations. Every building and every feature of Port Arthur Historic Site has a story to tell.   Usually dogs are not allowed in the site but as I am now a celebrity, Deborah calls me “Princess Maggie” but in reality I think I am just normal Maggie, I was allowed to enter the complex. D and I had an interesting time exploring the impressive convict built architecture, the delightful gardens and the chilling prison facilities it is well worth the visit, I recommend it to all and do check out the photos from our visit. After our stay at Port Arthur, Deborah and I ran back to the caravan park which is situated a kilometre or so back from the Port Arthur Historic Site only to be refused entry which was my fault as I am a dog. I think this is very dogist and I felt guilty and very sorry for my D as over the past few days we have been camping on the side of the road in the rain and cold and she had been looking forward for two days to a warm shower. A little thing, like a shower can really make a different to D’s day. As we were refused entry, D and I had to run back to Port Arthur to try and find a place to stay. I was starting to get a little annoyed as this was the third time we had run the same 1 kilometre stretch of road today, it’s a little boring sniffing the same area. As there were plenty of no camping signs everywhere in the township of Port Arthur, D started to run towards Nubeena, at this stage D told me she was very grateful to Richard and Jacqui of Eucalypt Cafe in Port Arthur for the coffee and food they gave her as it was helping her through all these extra kilometres. The Running Pink team did manage to find a place to pullover for the night on the side of the road about 4 kilometres out of Port Arthur. I really felt bad at this stage as D not only didn’t get to have a shower but she had to run extra kilometres for the day. I went over to apologize to her and tell her how I felt but she explained to me that maybe the refusal was a life lesson in learning to let go of what she want, a shower and learn to accept what is given, a good day on the road and the opportunity to visit a historic site and fundraise there.  We had a Zen moment together where I learnt not to be too precious.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G.

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