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A very busy day, Day 33, 57.4km (11/26/2008)

Lot of things happened today, our running day started early about 5.45am as D and I left the New Norfolk Caravan Park, it’s a great park by the river and as it was a beautiful sunny morning I decided to go for a quick swim, Deborah didn’t join me, I guess it was too cold for her. We than had a radio interview with Andy from ABC Hobart as we were running along the very busy road from New Norfolk to Hobart. I felt it wasn’t my best interview I thought I was a bit yappy by D performed well with her usually repartee, bubbly personality and her professional capacity to relay the message about the National Breast Cancer Foundation. After breakfast we were running up to the Brooker Highway (the main road into Hobart) and were greeted by the ALP member for Derwent and Blair from the New Norfolk paper so we took some glamour shots of me on the bonnet of our pink 4WD then off we went again. As we were running along the Brooker Deborah saw the sign to Rossetta High School which is where the New Norfolk Principle’s wife taught. Even though Deborah was slightly behind schedule she felt she just needed to connect with this breast cancer survivor who she had heard about yesterday.  On talking to this wonderful woman she told Deborah that she had to have breast cancer so she could help her daughter through her lymphoma, what a generous spirit and incredible souls this women and her husband are. We feel privileged to have crossed paths with these positive people and may their family’s future journey be one of health, happiness and love. After this visit D was now running late and we had to up the pace and run like the wind over the steep Derwent Bridge to Eastlands shopping centre to meet the mayor of Clarence Council. We managed to get there just in the nick of time which was most fortuitous because Jock (the mayor) gave us a generous donation on behalf of the council. Deborah was very happy when she got to Eastland as Janelle from Hobart NBCF, as well as NBCF crew Judi and Kathra and there were hugs all around. Keona from Anaconda was there and all dressed ready to run with D the 10 kilometres to the Anaconda shop in Cambridge and as we need to be there by 3pm we only had a brief visit at Eastlands before we were running again. Deborah had great fun running with Keona as she had someone to do girly chats with as they pounded the highway.  I decided to have a little break in the car for a while and let these two girls have some time together. When D and Keona got to Anaconda, Eli from VIP Petfoods was there with lots and lots of Dog Muesli (my bikkies) for me, what a spoilt dog I am. We had some more photo shots with the VIP Petfood car and then it was more goodbye’s for Deborah as we left Anaconda to do the final leg of the day another 11 kilometres to Sorell over the causeways. With all the meeting, media, talking and running by this point I was dog tired and stayed in the car and thought about how tired my D must be. However my daddy, Alistair arrived and he decided to go on the crew bike to meet Deborah to help her through the last 6 kilometres I decided that I would encourage her through to the end as well so I run alongside the bike and then with Deborah until we all got into Sorell by 6.15pm. What a huge day with high kilometres, well done D. As D’s mum, my Oma (that’s German for Grandmother) had been busy fundraising at Eastlands all day we had a team meeting and thought we would help by saving her from cooking dinner so as a rare treat we had healthy wood fired pizza from Heat pizza in Sorell for dinner.  Yum, yum as I love the crusts.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G.

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