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Snow and a change of route. Day 29, 33.9km  (11/22/2008)

I woke up about 4am this morning to the sound of rain and worried about my D and the type of day she will be facing. Luckily by about 7am it stopped raining but the temperature was freezing and Deborah stepped out of the caravan wearing all the long legged running pants she has on the journey.  However these layers still didn’t really help her from the cold and the cramping in her legs. She confided in me that due to the cold conditions her legs felt like icy poles and that trying to run sent shotting pain up her legs. As we started yet another steep mountain climb the cloud cover lifted enough to revel that we were surrounded by heavy snowed in mountains, the same ones we were running up, no wonder D was feeling the cold. As I have mentioned before D has very low blood pressure and is severely effected by the cold so running near snow is kind of like being in hell for her. She tried to imagine that she was running in far north tropical Queensland but even her powers of positive thinking didn’t quite make the grade and by lunch time her muscles were locking up and we all sat down for a team meeting.  We voted and decided through the power of democracy on two things, firstly D would get out of the cold for the day before she caused damage to her legs and secondly we would not be running on the gravel road towards the Highland Lakes but continue towards Hamilton via Tarraleah. In this team vote I used my democratic right and voted with all four paws against Deborah who wanted to continue for the day and do more kilometres and she didn’t want to change the route as she wouldn’t be visiting the good people of Bothwell and she hates to disappoint anyone. The thing is that we are a team Deborah, me, D’s mum and Dad, Glyn and Alistair and we all decided what is best for the run and for Deborah. Sometime team decisions are made that are against what Deborah wants to do and sometimes we need to look after Deborah’s best interests as she is inclined to just keep going and going and going regardless if that is the best thing or not. We have a long way still to go and a few lost kilometres now will be easily made up over the next 11 months but if Deborah damages her body now there will be no 11 months. Also I voted against running towards more snow as snow is too cold for my precious paws.

Running with you soon
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G.

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