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The very wet west. Day 23, 30.8km  (11/16/2008)

Much to my disappointment we didn’t wake up to a snow covered greeting but much to Deborah’s disappointment we started the day in drizzle and very cold temperatures about 2 degrees. The first 7 kms of the day wasn’t too bad and I had great fun running on the soft mossy edgings and through the rain puddles but by the turn off to Waratah things got ugly, even for this rain loving dog. The temperature had dropped a degree or two and it started to sleet down, I decided that the warm heated car was much more comfortable than the side of the road. That kind of weather is only good for Empire penguins, if I stand on my hinds I might at a distance kind of look like one but there would be no way I would want to be in that kind of weather and I don’t think I could organize a huddle of my fellow border Collie friends to shuffle with me on their hinds so we can all keep warm.   As I looked out the window of the nice warm car I did feel a little guilty as I watched D jog off into the howling rain and freezing cold but I did say a little pray to the doggies gods that it wasn’t me. After about 25 kilometres D’s nose was blue and she had icicles down the front of her legs and the two raincoats she was wearing were soaked through. Yet again I was grateful to be a dog as my one coat does all. Deborah was tired, exhausted, frozen and really need a friendly paw so I made the suggestion that we should try to look for a camp stop for the night so D could get warm, we were all a little worried as she still isn’t 100% recovered from that terrible cold she had and we didn’t want her to have a relapse so it was important to get her off the road ASAP. The trooper that D is kept her marching on for another 5 kilometre until a suitable site could be found but we are now camped at the highest point of the Murchison highway 690 metres about sea level. As we have no power for the evening we cannot have the heater going but D and I are comfortable on the bed under the blankets with the our two hot water bottles (Pinkie and Lamby) watching “Sex in the City” DVD on our fabulous 12 volt TV/DVD player in our Regent caravan, what luxury and a little spoil for D after such a gruesome day.

Running with you soon but not in today’s weather.
Maggie – Director of Greeting D.O.G.

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