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An inspiration lot and lots of talking. Day 19: 45kms  (11/12/2008)

At 6.30am this foggy morning D and I headed out of Stanley on our way to Smithton the home of the bosom buddies. Deborah actually run to Smithton to visit and honour the bosom buddies as they were the inspiration behind Deborah running around Australia for the NBCF. Deborah and I meet the BB’s near the Stanley turn off last year when they were doing a practice walk for their big fundraising event and Deborah was running around Tassie with Vlastik for Vlastik’s run for Camp Quality. Up until Deborah meet the BB’s she had been very withdrawn about her cancer and didn’t really tell anyone about it I guess she felt it was a private matter and she wanted to cope with it alone. The openness of the BB’s and their acceptance of their cancer and their changed body image as well as their great sense of humour helped Deborah confront her issues about how she looked post cancer and to not take herself so seriously. Judy King, chairwomen of the BB’s actually told Deborah, where D mentioned she would like to run around Australia to run for breast cancer. Who would have thought that a 15 minute meeting on the side of the road would change Deborah’s outlook and life so dramatically?  Thanks to those wonderful women Deborah and I are on this journey to raise over $300,000 for the NBCF. The BB’s even helped us with our fundraising with a nice donation, thanks girls. After a very quick run (Deborah is getting better) we arrived in Smithton and was greeted by councillor Wendy and other members from the Circular Heads Council and a lot of wonderful Smithton women, unfortunately no doggie friends come out to meet me. D and I then went to the Smithton Primary School followed by a visit to the High School where Deborah gave some very inspiration words and we run around a few ovals the two schools together helped us raise over $450 dollars fantastic effort from all involved. The problem with all the talking, other then it’s not helping D’s laryngitis is Deborah stopped for about 5 hours in Smithton and as she had only done 22 kilometres so after all the daily events she decided to hit the road again to continue clocking up those k’s before stopping at about 7pm at a quite green patch next to the beach for the night.  I tell you the girl is wonder women reincarnated.

Running with you soon
Maggie Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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