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A record nearly dashed and a dinner with the Bosom buddies. Day 18, 42.7km,  (11/11/2008)

We left our stop this morning to witness a beautiful sunrise and climb a very steep hill over the Rocky Cape Range. After 15kms of running we were confronted by road works and a young worker saw us and started to head towards us, we both thought that he might be giving a donation or he would want to talk to us about what we are doing so I idled up to him with a great deal of confidence only to be told that we couldn’t pass this way. Due to this companies OH&S regulations he expected us to travel in our support vehicle for the 2 kilometre of road works and as you are all aware Deborah must run the whole distance around Australia, if we were to drive the world record would be broken. Deborah kindly explained this to the man but he insisted that she wasn’t allowed to be on the road. Would you believe that he actual told Deborah to drive in the car and break the record but tell no one! His exact words were “No one would know if you cheated a bit” The issue is that Deborah and I would know and for the rest of our lives we would know that we cheated in a world record to D and myself that is just too big a price to pay. Deborah told this young man, who continued to argue that she wouldn’t be allowed to run on the road that as a citizen of Australia you are allowed to walk/run on any public road in Australia with exceptions of some motorways. Deborah explained this to the guy and also told him that in all her ultra marathon events she has always been welcomed by road workers and that they were always courteous and supportive of her and what she was doing.  I kind of think Deborah shamed him into compromising and we were finally allowed to walk through the grass on the side of the road with Deborah wearing her fluorescent jacket which she brought for such occasions. I will confuse, there was a moment during the discussions when I had visions of Deborah and I making a dash for it against the rule makers like in a bad B grade buddy movie. The rest of the day was rather uneventful and we arrived in Stanley to a warm welcome with pink balloons and loud cheers from Sally and her team at the IGA. Sally kindly let us camp behind her supermarket and allowed D to have a shower. I feel D is a little obsessed with the whole “shower” thing and I just don’t understand why she doesn’t just have a slash in the nearest puddle with me? After the rest of the human team of Running Pink got cleaned up they all went to an evening meal with the Circular Head Bosom Buddies at the Stanley Hotel. I wasn’t allowed which I feel is rather dogist but Deborah informed me later that she had a fantastic night with these wonderful inspirational women who walk last night from Smithton to Hobart, over 500 kilometres and raised over $130,000 for the NBCF. The only problem with getting Deborah together with these women is she came back to camp tonight all inspired and is already talking about how she and members of the BB are going to get together in a new adventure (when D returns) to help women in the communities where they live. All I can say is watch out world and NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF WOMEN ON A MISSION.

Running with you soon
Maggie Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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