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A generous gift and some great kids. Day 17: 30.7km  (11/10/2008)

We started the day by driving back down to our mark, about 4kms from the Somerset Caravan Park and proceeded to run back to the park for breakfast (we both had our usual). We then run another 12kms to Wynyard where we were greeted by a wonderful human (we won’t name him as he might like to stay anonymous) who presented us with a cheque for $1000. This special soul heard Deborah’s speech at the garden party last night and was touched by her cancer experience and what she was now doing and as he had lost his father to cancer he wanted to contribute to our cause. It’s these very special people who give, with no expectation of reward who make this journey that Deborah and I are on very special and important. They are part of our inspiration and keep us moving forward. At Wynyard we visited the High School and Deborah and I talked to the students about what we are doing and why we are travelling around Australia on foot. They were a great group of kids who asked some terrific questions and due to the efforts of two year 8 students Shanae Gardam and Caitlin Gleeson and their teacher Carolyn the school managed to raise over $250 through wearing pink to school and the sale of our Run Girl Run wristbands. Well done girls, go girl power and thanks to all students for your support. We are camping on the side of the road tonight and I yet again I am very dog tired, I have a full belly from a large chop, so it’s night from me as I need to have doggie dreams and tomorrow is yet another big day with more kilometres and more meeting and greeting people.

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