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Our biggest day yet! Day 13: 67.3kms  (11/6/2008)

What a nightmare of a day and I only did half of it! The day started for Deborah at about 5am as she watched the sun rise over the great lake, the morning light also gave her a glimpse of the endless gravel road ahead. I wasn’t on the road at this time as 5am is just too early for this little black dog so I chose to have a wee dog nap in the car. At about 7am I decided it was time to have a run and I spent the next two hours running free from the leash, as there are not many cars up at the lakes, and with a lot of water around I just had the best doggie fun splashing through puddles, at one stage the water was so deep I went for a swim. The problem with all that exercise is by about 10am I was very tired and had to have another doggie nap which lasted for the rest of the day. I didn’t feel to guilty about leaving D on the road by herself as Cheepa dropped in to join us and he even spent some time on the support crew bike (check out the photo’s) helping out Deborah as she continued to run along the gravel road for 29kms. The gravel created further problems for Deborah’s golf ball size blisters on the soles of her feet, the crew were popping and taping the blisters every shoe change, about every 15kms.  The gravel did finally end at the top of another hill climb through the pass of the great lake highway. At the 35km mark Deborah came to the highest point of the highway, 1210m above sea level, no wonder Deborah is finding it harder to get the air into her already weak lungs. At this highest point the road starts to descend and D then run the next 30kms downhill into Deloraine where after 13 hours on the road and over 67kms she hobbled into the Deloraine Apex Caravan Park to meet the mayor of Meander Valley, Mayor Mark Shelton who chatted over a well desired beer. Alistair’s (a crew member) parents dropped in also to supply Deborah with homemade Scottish shortbread, yummy! After such a long day all I can say is well done Deborah even though you are still not 100% and have blistered feet you still ran a very long way through very hilly country. We here at Running Pink are all very proud of you.

Running or napping with you soon
Maggie Director of Greeting (D.O.G.)

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