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D´s doing it tough, Day 2: 36.7km (10/26/2008)

My poor human, her flu is terrible and I am feeling very sorry for her, as it’s a bit unfair after 2 year of planning, training, balancing work with the work requirements to achieve her dream, to be struck down by a terrible flu that is making running really difficult at such an early stage of our journey. The Running Pink team, I included sat down and talked last night after Deborah had spoken to her human doctor a great man who has monitor all of D’s ultra marathon events, about what we are going to do with Deborah’s flu situation.   The team’s “fear” is if she pushes herself too hard to fast the flu could get worst, however there is no question of stopping for a day as the world record would not happen.

The rules relating to the world record are:
1.       Deborah must run every day with no days off.
2.       There is a minimum of 20 kilometres per day that must be achieved to confirm with the requirements of the world record.
3.       If entered in a running ultra marathon event participates are allowed to walk however if entered in a walking ultra marathon event participates are not allowed to run.
4.       Every kilometre on the mark route around Australia Deborah must run or walk. Deborah is allowed to travel in a car after she has marked her finishing stop for the day to travel to evening engagements but she must return to the exact same spot in the morning. The marking of the spot is achieved through a GPS system in the car which is then paired with a GPS Deborah is wearing on her arm.
After the meeting, the team resolved to reduce kilometres over the next few days until Deborah’s cold is clear, we have a long way to go so we need to be sensible with our strategies so as not to jeopardize the overall project. With this in mind we finished at Geeveston today and tomorrow we will go back to Huonville. This means Deborah didn’t make it to Dover as planned and has reduced her kilometres over the next two days by 42 kilometres or 1 marathon. We are not worried at this stage about this missing marathon as we have a year to gain the kilometres back that is less than 1 kilometre per week. .  I have every confidence in my human and her tough never give up attitude that she will have the required 20,000 kilometres in Melbourne on the 18th October next year to achieve the world record.
What is important at the moment is for Deborah to reduce kilometres and not over tax her body, by walk some of the distances, so she can recover from her flu but still meet the daily requirements to continue the world record attempt. To Deborah and me the world record isn’t about personal glory it is about achieving a goal you have set and utilizing that achievement to raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Deborah is passionate about achieving her goal to raise over $300,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the world record will help her achieve this.
I will keep you posted about how Deborah is going and I promise I am keeping her company through these trying days.
Running with you soon.
Maggie (Director of Greeting D.O.G.)

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