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2nd attempt photosMarch 2010
Please contact us for high quality original copies.  
Day 344 Maggie receiving gifts from MacKenzieDay 345 I am a little lostDay 344 Too distracted by the road to notice I just ran over the 15000km markDay 343 Running up a huge hill to get back to the Pacific HwyDay 342 Running over the Forster Bridge giggling as usual
Day 344 Camped at Negong NSWDay 342 Wet dog who decided to got for a dip in the Lakes District NSW lakeDay 341 Meeting the Forester - Tuncurry breast cancer support groupDay 339 Running towards the beach with Port Macquarie in the backgroundDay 338 Meeting Jenny from the Port Macquarie Breast Cancer Support group
Day 338 Leaving Kempsey with still some distance to SydneyDay 337 Mayor letter presentation in KempseyDay 337 Running with Mel´s husband AntDay 337 Mel the runnig champ who just 4 weeks after breast cancer treatment run her goal of 10kmDay 337 Mel comes out and runs with me and achieves her goal of 10km
Day 336 Meeting Mel who drove over 100km to meet up with usDay 335 A fantastic welcome into MacksvilleDay 335 Wonderful to meet fb follower Candy in MacksvilleDay 334 Maggie being awarded some special items from Bellingen Lions President HiltonDay 334 Meeting fellow BC survivor Deputy Mayor of Coffs Denise Knight
Day 334 Arriving into Coffs harbourDay 334 The big banana at CoffsDay 333 A rare event the signs to Coffs match 
Day 331 At 40 degrees on the road Maggie decided to keep cool by hiding in the grass 
Day 332 A room with a view, hawks nest on the Clarence River
Day 332 Maggie getting familiar with her Cameron Scottish heritage in Maclean 
Day 332 Running along side the Clarence River from Maclean to Grafton 
Day 332 I think I am seeing triple...Maggie meet other Maggie´s 
Day 331 Me and David at New Italy NSWDay 329 A great welcome into Ballina
Day 328 Having a laugh with the media (again)Day 328 Two surviviors together Jenny Dowell the Mayor of Lismore and meDay 328 Running through new territory I haven´t been on this road before!Day 326 Running to Lismore from Byron with JP up and down some serious hillsThis is a rather strange dog?
Day 327 A foggy morning near Naughtons Gap Day 326 Our first sign to SydneyDay 326 Maggie going for the SausageDay 326 A local Byron Bay BC hero BarbDay 326 Meeting great supporters at Centro Tweed Heads
Day 324 maggie and I having a wee chat at ABC Gold CoastDay 324 Finally we are in NSWDay 324 Pink girl powerDay 325 Where am I?  Am I meant to be going to a place called Mooball????Day 324 Crossing a state line QLD/NSW
Day 324 A Maggie fanDay 222 At Surfers Paradise beachDay 321 Having fun on the bumper car ride this is the first time I have driven anything like a car since I started the runDay 321 On Main St Movie World Gee this is a real tourist shotDay 321 Look where I am
Day 321 After the day´s run and ride with Jade a wonderful kind Day 321 Running the green line with Jade as bike escort near DreamworldDay 321 Maggie´s a very happy dog as we just picked up more dog food from VIP PetfoodsDay 320 The two Deborah´s me and Deborah from the NBCF BrisbaneDay 320 Sharing a laugh with the Lady Mayoress Lisa Newman of Brisbane
Day 220 Another photo shot in CBD BrisbaneOver worked under paid bashed and slowly falling apart add to it dads constant fix up jobs (don´t you just love the pop rivets?) I think my Garmin needs a long rest.Day 319 We are in BrisbaneDay 319 Getting media shotsDay 319 The crew had it easy they drove over Story Bridge whilst I ran in the rain
Day 319 Made it to the 14,000km markDay 318 Our little running group who ran 5kms with me through Burgengary Thanks guys it was funDay 318 Smiling and RunningDay 318 Only 24kms till BrisbaneDay 317 Exchanging shirts with Gary Parsons Part 2
Day 317 Exchanging shirts with Gary PArsons part 1Day 317 Maggie & I paying homage to Steve Irwin Don´t you think my Maggie just a very clever girlDay 317 At Australia ZooDay 317 One step two step running with a legend (Gary Parsons) and his crewDay 317 Had a fall and got mud all over my new shoes
Day 316 Arrival at Bunnings CaloundraDay 315 Happy smiles at CaloundraDay 315 The wonderful Janine Langer who organized a fantastic luncheon at her and husband Alfie Langer restaurantDay 315 Does this girl ever shut up giving a talk at a charity luncheon at Alfies Moo Char & Bar CaloundraDay 315 Being cheecky whilst running along the Maroochydore River
DAy 315 Pink roses given to us as a pressieDAy 314 Running with Andy BowenDay 315 Taking to Channel 7 news at MaroochydoreDay 313 Another great welcome from the ladies at Pomona community houseDay 313 Hot Sweaty but still smiling as I ran to Pomona
Day 313 A great welcome at Pomana State SchoolDay 312 Sometimes it great to be me surrounded by young menDay 312 Running into Gympie with Colin as a bike escortDay 311 YUMDay 311 With a fellow cancer fundraiser Rebekka at Maryborough
Day 311 Getting to Gympie Day 310 Roadside media interviewDay 310 At Maryborough in the evening not looking too fresh anymoreDay 310 Hervey Bay in the morning looking freshDay 310 Ready set GO being the official starter of the Hervey Bay junior Tri meet
Day 310 A finish line but not mine, not yetDay 309 Recieving donations from the Fraser Coast MayorDay 309 My running escort into Hervey BayDay 309 My cycle escort into Hervey BayDay 309 Media in Hervey Bay
Day 309 Leading the pack in the rain into Hervey BayDay 309 A smile and a wave as we almost finish our very wet run into Hervey BayDay 309 A pink flag made in my honourDAy 308 Trucks and Roadworks on the Bruce Hwy sth of ChildersDay 307 The sign says it all fundraiser at Professional Real Estate Childers
Day 306 Putting my feet up during the Australia Day celebrations in BundabergDay 306 Exchanging letters with the Mayor of BundabergDay 306 Giving an Australia Day Speech at BundabergDay 306 Running with Aussie PrideDay 306 Me and Maggie getting into the Australia Day Spirit
Day 306 Arriving back in BundabergDay 305 A blue wiggleDay 305 Me and Mum in Canberra and look at that man with the gong trying to get in on our photoDay 306 Me and some yummy men the roulettesDay 305 Australian of the Year 2011 Simon McKeon
Day 305 Mum and GillyDay 306 Me, mum and the PMDay 305 Getting excited as the ceremony is about to startDay 306 Tassie Pride.  Tasmania´s local hero, seniors, young and Tassie Australian´s of the Year 2011Day 305 Great to catch up with Judi the girl who nominated me for Australian of the Year
Day 305 Me and a differnt Maggie Ms Beer at the Australian of the Year BashDay 305 Leaving BundabergDay 305 Canberra here I comeDay 305 On the outskirts of BundabergDay 305 Running in the middle of the night to get to the Bundy airport in time to catch the plane to Canberra
Bath timeDay 304 Shaking paws with an Aussie iconDay 303 On our way to BundabergDay 304 Trying to send emails with not much service and in the heat of the dayDay 300 A sea of Pink for our Gladstone arrival
Day 300 Running into GladstoneDay 300 The Running Pink team, Gladstone Professional Real Estate team and the Gladstone Mayor and members of councilDay 300 Meeting Rebel and her wonderful kidsDay 300 With the Gladstone Breast Buddies Day 300 Answering questions in Gladstone
Day 298 Main road into Rocky is littered with flood effected itemsDay 298 Seat anyone park near Yeppen lagoon Rocky QLDDay 298 The floods were up to the bull and it really smells hereDay 298 Finally heading towards Brisbane at the Yeppen roundabout that was flooded for 2 weeksDay 298 Meeting Sarah at IGA Rockhampton
Day 298 Finally crossing the Tropic of Capricorn againDay 297 Having a laugh with Rocky´s Channel 7 news teamDay 296 Only place I could get service outside with all the mozziesDay 294 Just a girl and her wet dog on the side of the roadDay 298 Area´s of Rocky still under water after 2 weeks
Day 293 Running through Flood waterDay 293 If Maggie would get out of the way I can cross the 13000km markDay 292 Guess who is asleep in the grassDay 291 Beautiful Carmilla beachDay 291 A room with a view Carmilla Beach QLD
Maggie asleep after a big play in the flood watersDay 290 My worst nightmare a creek full of spidersDay 290 Dad digging us out of a sand bogDay 290 Maggie pulling me along and off the photo´s edgeDay 293 Trying to stay upright in flooded waters
Great friends Dee and Mike of SarinaDay 288 A fantastic donation from the Apex club of SarinaDay 288 A pink welcome by the staff of IGA SarinaDay 288 One step two stepDay 288 About to set out for a run with Janelle from Mackay
Day 288 Maggie and I line dancing down the hwyDay 287 I am an official paddler nowDay 287 Media interviews MackayWould you give to this personDay 287 A chat with ABC Mackay
Day 287 A wonderful welcome into MackayDAy 287 An evening rainbow in MackayDay 286 A bedtime cuddleDay 286 Collecting donations at the Kuttabul hotelDay 285 Having a littl nap at the bus stop in Kuttabul
Day 283 The endless cane fields of QLDAnyone for a kissDay 282 Who knows when we will get thereDay 281 Anyone for some gardening.  A great hedge outside Airlie beachDay 280 A serious expression as D listens to flood updates and takes a detour to Airlie Beach
Day 279 Official letter handover with the Whitsunday Deputy MayorDay 278 Guess where we areDay 278 Atlantis eat your heart out.  At the big mango in BowenDay 275 Nearly at AyrDay 275 A great support Merle at Sweet FM the Burdekin
Day 276 One of thousands of spiders on the Burdekin BridgeDAy 276 Running with the weapon of mass destruction over the Burdekin Bridge or more commonly know as the Spider BridgeDay 276 I hope it doesnot bite. A very large snake at Ayr QLDDay 274 Running very fast through croc infested water on Xmas dayDay 274 Maggie amongst the Xmas paper
Day 274 A very tried D after a stressful Xmas dayDay 274 Running into the dark and rain on Xmas DayDAy 274 Santa did manage to find us even through the cycloneDay 273 Maggie just has to have her say tooMy dear friend Lia and me
Day 273 Having a laugh and a run with friends in Townsville Everyday in the tropics there is sweat and sunscreenDay 272 At Christmas Creek just nth of TownsvilleDay 271 Trying to do some serious work whilst looking not very seriousDay 270 Leaving Cardwell QLD
DAy 269 Watch out Maggie or you will be croc foodDay 269 Slip slop and slapping in far Nth QLDDay 269 Are we there yet Day 268 Just let me die it is just too hot and humid here about 30kms from TullyDay 264 Maggie and I sharing a moment at 4CA in Cairns
Day 267 Council presentation at Innisfail QLDDay 266 Godenvale viewDay 264 Being interviewed by Zinc FM in a local Cairns Resturant but no food provided damm becuase I am hungryDay 263 Being interviewed by Win CairnsDay 263 We are going this way Maggie
Day 262 Bring the last runner home Jen´s (middle) first time running 15kms great jobDay 262 12,000km markDay 262 A sea of pink runners from MossmanDay 262 The wonderful girls from Pink in the Tropics MossmanDay 263 Rex Lookout on Captian Cook Highway
Day 263 As the sunrises we all pose for the camera before running from Mossman to Port DouglasDay 262 Finally meeting the wonderful Sarah who has raise 1000´s for our cause.Day 262 Running down the Mossman hillDay 262 Off I go sown the HillDay 262 Look the East Coast
Day 261 There really is no point to washing her she just get dirty again.  Maggie just LOVES puddlesDay 260 Welcome to MareebaDay 260 The grip and grin of meet and greets of mayors around Australia the latest is the Mayor of Atherton TablelandsDay 260 Fundraising at MareebaDay 259 You trust me to cut the cake
DAy 259 Pink Cake on Arrival into AthertonDay 259 A hard hilly run from Ravenshoe to AthertonDay 258 Donations at RavenshoeDay 253 Being interviewed by Caitlan for her school report at the Oasis Roadhouse QLDDay 250 Mum and I getting over a grid in the morning
Day 258 Maggie is helping with the Xmas decorations tooDay 258 Made it to the top of Windy Hill RavenshoeDay 258 Getting into the Xmas spirit by trimming the car and meDay 257 We are slowly getting to the coastDay 256 Marsh Fly bites
Day 251 Hot and serious running on the Gregory Development RoadDay 250 A night visitor in a pink dressing gown and BIG affro Day 249 Getting a back alignment in Charters TowersDay 248 What do they say about working with dogs Maggie having fun at Charters TowersMy poor feet
Day 245 We are crossing the great divided east coast here we comeDay 244 Starting our day at PrairieDay 243 Maggie has decided on a new career Police DogDay 243 A guest drops into for dinnerGuess who
Day 242 ABC radio interview at HughendenDAy 242 A very special girl Phoebe of HughendenDAy 242 A great reception into HughendenDay 241 Running down the Flinders Hwy QLDDay 241 11000 km Mark
Day 237 A pink lady and her dog Julia CreekDay 239 We made it to RichmondDay 239 Running with Sasha into RichmondDay 237 A pink parade out of Julia CreekDay 237 An escort out of Julia Creek
Day 236 I am Tasmania Australia of the Year 2011Day 236 Being introduced to speak at the Julia Creek Ladies Lions Christmas LuncheonDay 234 Getting some roadside assist from Tony on the road outside CloncurryMy Aussie pancake breakfastMorning ritual of logging onto the GPS
The star of the showDay 230 Wet but we made it to Mt IsaDay 230 A huge welcome into Mt IsaDay 231 Talking to the kids at Mt Isa School of the AirDay 234 Another green sign
Day 233 It sure is hot hereTip Toe through the grassesDay 233 Official Welcome into CloncurryA Maggie KissDay 227 Surrounded by fit boys.  Melbourne fire fighters cycling around Australia for Prostrate Cancer
Day 229 Hurry up mum, running on the old section of the Barkly HwyBarkly Hwy cloudsDay 226 We made it to QueenslandDay 226 Only 5km till the borderDay 226 A dawn storm
Day 225 Not long till QueenslandDay 224 Meeting friends from Kununurra on the Barkly HwyDay 224 Having a laugh on the hwyDAy 224 Always happy to recieve donations at Avon Downs Police StationDay 221 Sending some donation letters from the Barkly Homestead Roadhouse
Day 220 At the Barkly Homestead RoadhouseDay 219 10000km markDay 218 Not long till we reach QLD I can almost smell the sea airDay 217 Making a turn onto the Barkly hwyMaggie loves a good roll
Day 215 Where am I?Day 215 Having a rest at Attack CreekDay 215 Mum and D rejoicing the stormy and cooler weatherDAy 214 Showing my true colours on pink ribbon dayDay 213 Bushfires all around us
Day 211 A wonderful escort into ElliotDay 211 Recieving fundraising money from ElliotDay 211 Escort into ElliotDAy 209 Fundraising at Dunmarra RoadhouseDay 208 At the Daly Waters Pub
Day 208 Breakfast on the roadDay 207 Up close and personal with the x-menDay 207 More X-men I am lucky to have all these fit men chasing after meDay 207 X-men and meDay 206 Mum and D at the Larrimah Hotel
Day 206 Baby emus signing our witness bookDAy 206 A Pink pub just for meDay 205 No one here at MatarankaDay 205 Luckly Maggie cant readDay 204 Lunch time nap
Day 202 Back at Katherine for the 6th time in my life on footDay 201 Yes I am wetDay 201 Running to get dryDay 201 Laughing in the rainDay 200 Gaint Termite mounds near Pine Creek
Day 196 Maggie and I at the Darwin Cancer CentreDay 199 There is always freeloaders around in the Top EndDay 197 Running with Darrely past Batcholor turn off Day 197 Running past history and making moreDay 197 9000km mark
Day 194 Still waiting for Sunrise and Maggie bonnet surfingDay 194 More TV interviewsDay 194 Waiting to be interviewed by Sunrise a very Jeffery Smart kind of imageDay 194 Lord Mayor of Hobart signing our witness bookDay 194 Maggie and I at ABC Darwin radio studios
Day 194 Maggie sneaking a treat at the Darwin Pink Breakfast put on for our honourDay 194 Running into Darwin Town HallDay 193 Running with good friend Ken Nash fellow ultra and charity runner on the outskirts of DarwinDay 192 Our official witnessesI am the 1st female to run around Australia
Could not do it with out my crewDay 192 I am now the 1st female to run around AustraliaToo hot for Maggie she has decided to drive but not D she can honestly say she has travelled all the way around Oz on foot.  No Car for her.Day 185 KatherineDay 185 Greeted by the mayor of Katherine NT
DAy 183 Slowly getting thereDay 181 Great sign at the Victoria River RoadhouseDay 180 Running through the beautiful landscape of Gregory National Park NTDay 179 Got phone reception at Timber CreekDay 174 Breakfast on the side of the road
Day 173 In the NTDay 172 Running over the Ord River dam at KununurraDay 178 View of Victoria River from the Bradshaw Bridge NTDay 177 Having an evening wash at the entrance to Auvergine StationDay 172 Nearly at Darwin
Day 171 Nearly at the end of the Great Northern Hwy on a 42 degree day.Day 170 Eight thousand km markDay 168 Pink Cake for my birthdayDay 166 At the ord river bridge wouldn´t this be the easy way to run around OzDay 169 Lunch on the side of the road
Day 165 Maggie getting roadside assistance from a travelling vetDay 160 Bumbry´s of the KimberleyDay 163 Arriving into Halls CreekDAy 162 We thought we would change the nameDay 161 The vast Australian outback
Day 158 Long day finally endedDay 156 Made it to Fitzroy CrossingDay 153 Camped at the Ellendale Roadworks Camp for the nightDAy 154 Giving Maggie a washDAy 153 Escort through the roadworks
Day 153 Being a lollypop girl and getting donations at roadworks near Ellendale WADat 151 Our campsite amongst the boab trees at the Derby TurnoffMore TV interviews at BroomeDay 149 Crew member Alistair fast asleepDay 147 We are going east, finally
DAy 146 At the famous Cable Beach BroomeDay 146 7000km markDay 144 Maggie being interviews bt ABC radio KimberleyDay 141 White Peacocks at Sandfire RoadhouseDay 141 Meeting the 4WD team of Dirty Dog Dingo who just done the Gibb River Road
Day 137 Good to know Maggie is welcomeDay 136 Last time D was here it was 54 degrees much cooler today at only 32Day 135 Salt mounds of Port HedlandDay 133 Whim Creek HotelDay 130 Cheques from Karratha Mayor
Day 121 Minilya RoadhouseDonations from the roadDay 125 Six Thousand kmsDay 125 We are in the PilbaraDay 122 D and her mum at the Tropic of Capricorn
Day 121 We even sleep Pink D and Merienne in their pink PJsDay 120 Walking BC survivior into CarnavonOur new mascot, Pink Shrek. Watch out Maggie.Day 118 Deborah and Carnavon Shire PresidentDay 117 Goats on the side of the road near Carnavon
Day 118 Deborah doing a radio interview via the sat phoneDay 117 Maggie and Deborah having a rest in Edagee Rest Area Sth of CarnarvonDay 115 Overlander Roadhouse WADay 114 A late arrival at Billabong RoadhouseDay 114 Does this dog know how to be cute or what?
Day 113 Trying to get washing dry on the side of the roadDay 120: A long way between lunchesDay 112 Northampton WADay 111 Donations and banners from the Lions Club of GeraldtonDay 111 Being greeted by the mayor of Geraldton
Day 109 Meeting inspiration Ivo on the roadDay 109 Crew member Merienne ringing the Greenough bellDay 109 Historic GreenoughDay 107 Wet and Windy and 5000km MarkDay 106 Beautiful Wildflowers of WA
Day 105 Trying to dry shoes after all the rainDay 104 Pink amongst the giants at Cataby RoadhouseDay 101 We are live from Perth on The CircleDay 101 Our interview on Channel 10 The CircleDay 100 We are at the circus Perth
Day 100 I have run away to the circusDay 100 At Perth LululemonDay 100 Cuddles from the Red Hatters in PerthDay 100 Damien Circus Royal Circus Master in Perth Day 99 Maggie getting a brush for her big arrival into Perth
Day 98 Brian the man who made all the donations happen in MandurahDay 96 War woundsDay 95 Cheque presentation with the Mayor of Bunbury WADay 94 A huge cheque from Donnybrook IGADay 93 My friend Wendy Trow at Balingup
Day 93 Herald into Balingup but the Queen and her courtDay 93 Meeting friends at BridgetownDay 93 Bridgetown that awayDay 92 These trees are big.  South West WA Karri forestDay 92 Breakfast stop amongst the giants
Day 91 Receiving donations on the outskirts of ManjimupDay 90 Running through the Valley of the Giants near Walpole WADay 89 Waiting for it to stop raining on the road from Denmark WADay 87 The Kids of Albany and DDAy 87 MP ex Olympian Runner Peter Watson and D
Day 87 Walking with a legend, Peter Watson into AlbanyDay 87 Meeting the Albany Fairy Slappers a Relay for Life team at the outskirts of AlbanyDay 85 4000km MarkDAy 85 Running with a coldDay 84 Deborah and the Jerramungup Pink Fairies
Day 84 Kids, D and Maggie at a nights fundraiser at JerramungupDay 82 A fundraising luncheon at the Ravensthorpe Senior Citzens ClubDay 80 Rain, Rain and more rainDay 78 Welcome to EsperanceDay 77 Arriving at Salmon Gums
Day 76 Lost in the bushDay 75 We finally made it to NorsemanDay 74 A lake on the Nullarbor at Fraser Range Rest AreaDay 73 A must stay place Fraser Range StationDay 72 I just love a good roll in the dirt in the morning
Day 71 West end of 90 mile straight on a very foggy morningDay 71 Finally a curve but cannot see it due to the fogDay 68 East end of 90 mile straight just near CaigunaDay 67 Rain, headwind and rainbowsDay 66 3000 km mark
Day 65 Running up Mandura passDay 64 A pedestrian crossing on the Nullarbor no it is an airfieldDay 63 Pink cupcakes made especially for usDay 61 At Eucla WA with the first half of the Nullarbor under our feetDay 61 We are at the WA border
Day 60 The Great Australian Bight, Nullarbor National ParkDay 59 Camels, Wombats, Kangaroos, Maggie and DDay 59 It is cold out hereDay 58 Guess who is on the NullarborDay 58 Flooding at Nullarbor Roadhouse
Day 57 Running on the Nullarbor PlainDay 54 D and her family at Nundroo RoadhouseDay 54 D and her brother Adam at Nundroo RoadhouseDay 53 Fundraising at Penong General StoreDay 51 Escorted along the Eyre hwy into Ceduna by the
Day 49 Maggie and I enjoy a dip at Perlubie beach SADay 49 Nothing like a good roll n in the sand and seaweedDay 49 D having fun on a swing Perlubie Beach SADay 48: Another day another official meeting this time with the CEO of the lovely Streaky BayDay 46 Apex park in Minnipa and the infamous concrete crappa
Day 46 2000km markDay 45 Falling asleep whilst waiting for dinnerDay 43 Fundraising at Kimba Sports Day well actually the Footy and NetballDay 43 Welcome to Kimba halfway across AustraliaDay 40 Doing some ultra trail running on a dirt track towards Whyalla
Day 40 Fundraising at Westland Shopping Centre WhyallaDay 39 Don´t trip me up. Running on a bush track next to the highway towards WhyallaDay 38: The great mayor of Port Augusta, Joy a fellow breast cancer surviviorDay 37: A girl and her dog doing yoga and doga in there gravel pit night camp spot somewhere near Port AugustaDay 35: Where am I?
Day 33: A night community greeting with council members from Clare councilDay 32: Getting some roadside assist with the body maintance expert MalcolmDay 30: Running down the Adelaide Hills with fellow runner Brendan.  Do you think we are doing the speed limit?Day 29: A great greeting at the Contours Gym, Mount Barker SADay 28: Mayor of Murray Bridge Mr Allen Arbon helping out with our fundraising
Day 28 Meeting another fellow mad Tasmanian on the road Ken and his tractorDay 28 I am here, Murray Bridge SADay 27 A pink greeting at Tailem Bend SADay 27. Oh no! Running with Maggie under police escort into Tailem Bend SA and she didn´t trip me up!Day 26 Pink Lady´s on special for the pink lady! Meningie SA
Day 25 Running through the Coorong National Park a favourite place from D´s childhoodDay 23 Wet and soggy but made it to the 1st 1000kmsDay 23 A very large lobster called Larry, Kingston SE S.A.Day 22 Running through the wine district near Robe SADeborah´s blistered feet ready for a new day
Day 19 We made it to the SA border! So is it a border at the border?Day 15: Too wet for me! Maggie keeping dry in the carDay 14 Deborah fundraising with her mum and dad and crew member Glyn at Centro Warrnambool Day 14: What a bag lady!  Deborah using the old Cliff Yound trick to try and keep her feet dryDay 9 Getting roadside assist from Malcolm for the blisters somewhere on the road to Werribee VIC
Day 8 Maggie surrounded by all the goods we got from our sponsor Lululemon Athletica in PrahranDay 9 Being interviewed by Australia wide channel 9 news just moments after running of the Spirit of TasmaniaDay 9 Running of the sky bridge into MelbourneDay 7: D and the people she couldn´t do it without her crew Alistair and Glyn having fun on the side of the road past Deloraine TASDay 6: being double interviewed by two TV stations at once in my home town of Launceston
Day 3 Maggie having a drink from D´s ice bath, yuk, cold and smellyDay 1 Lord Mayor of Hobart, runners, media, family, friends and well wishes see Deborah off at the launch 27th March 2010Day 1 Great friends and Breast Cancer Fundraisers Deborah, Judi and Kathra at the launchDay 1 Deborah and Maggie take a rest just before the start
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